Day4FloodingAerials bf 1328.jpg

Aerials of severe weather flooding in East Baton Rouge Parish in the N. Foster Drive area north of Choctaw Drive on Monday August 15, 2016. Looking south southeast.

Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG

Applications for the programs that provide rebuilding assistance to homeowners affected by last year's historic floods are being extended to some who had flood insurance and beyond the initial low-income requirement.

The state on Thursday announced that programs created with the nearly $1.3 billion received from the federal government for homeowners will be enough to now extend to families who meet other criteria, after more than 2,700 homeowners met the strictest criteria laid out in Phase 1 of the program.

Phases 1 and 2 have been limited to low-to-moderate income households that have disabled or elderly residents without flood insurance. That's now being expanded to those who meet that criteria but also lived outside the flood plain and had insurance.

The state is also beginning to take in applications for Phase 3, which extends the program to all income levels in the most impacted parishes.

The programs, which are being implemented across several phases and tiers, allow reimbursements to homeowners who have already had work done on their flooded homes as well as options for getting improvements made through personally selected or state-selected contractors.

About 31,400 homeowners have completed the initial flood-damage survey, which begins the process toward applying.

Homeowners affected by the March or August 2016 flood are urged to complete the initial survey, regardless of whether they believe they will qualify for assistance.

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