Ultimate photobomb: Deer steps into picture of Louisiana baby for once-in-a-lifetime shot _lowres

Photo by Imagine That Photography / Megan Rion -- A deer wanders up during a photo shoot arranged by Tiffany Gill Rogers of Lake Charles for her month-old son, Connor. The impromptu photo opportunity occurred Oct. 20, 2015, in Moss Bluff.

A sleeping baby and a curious doe made for an endearing moment that one mom will treasure forever.

Recently, Tiffany Gill Rogers of Lake Charles hired a photographer to take some outdoor shots of her month-old son, Connor. As the photographer, Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography, set up the shot, a deer wandered up from the nearby woods and seemingly posed behind the sleeping child. Rion snapped a picture of the moment.

Connor’s mom caught the scene on video, which shows the deer harmlessly approaching and checking out the child. “I can almost guarantee his two-month pictures will be disappointing compared to this," Rogers said.