It was an ordinary play in an ordinary Louisiana high school football game with an unthinkably tragic result.

Sterlington High linebacker Cody Seward's block during a punt return in that Sept. 5 game was nothing special. But when the play was over, Franklin High player Tyrell Cameron was unconscious, with a broken neck. He would be pronounced dead later at a hospital.

The accident left the Franklin Parish community shaken. And lives were changed.

ESPN the Magazine senior writer Eli Saslow, in a story posted to the magazine's site Tuesday, takes an in-depth look at the tragedy that ended one life and left Seward grief-stricken and asking life-altering questions.

The story tells how a former college player involved in a similarly tragic collision 26 years earlier -- who was in search of answers to the same questions -- helped Seward begin to heal.

See the story here.