Report: Will Smith’s father opens up about son’s death: 'God gave me an angel, and I can’t have him back' _lowres

Advocate staff file photo by MATTHEW HINTON-- New Orleans Saints linebacker Will Smith speaks to the media before he and his wife, Racquel, hosted the Celebrity Waiters VII to benefit Bridge House/Grace House, which is sponsored by Smith's “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way Foundation’ in New Orleans, La. Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency.

Will Smith‘s father, William, opened up about his grief and anger over his son’s death in an interview with the Durham Herald-Sun on Tuesday.

The elder Smith, who has lived in Durham, N.C., for more than a decade, does not plan to travel to New Orleans until right before Saturday’s funeral, the Herald-Sun reported.

“The best way I can look at it, God gave me an angel, and I can’t have my angel back,” Smith said. “He took him.”

Smith’s father told the newspaper he’s upset about the way the attorney for accused shooter Cardell Hayes has characterized his son.

“My son may have gotten out of his car with a big mouth,” Smith told the Herald-Sun. “He did not get out of his car with a firearm that he was licensed to carry. That gentleman did. If you’re in a confrontation with someone and someone walks away, that confrontation is over. He shot my son in the back. I want to know where anywhere in that scenario, short of having a big mouth, did Will create a threat to that man?”

The full story can be found at the Durham Herald-Sun’s website.