Video report: Channing Tatum is looking for THE GUY to teach him how to speak like Cajun X-Men character Gambit _lowres

Channing Tatum arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of "Magic Mike XXL" at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Thursday, June 25, 2015. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Channing Tatum will be suiting up as card-throwing Cajun comic-book character Gambit later this year when the X-Men franchise branches off in a new direction. He talked recently about the project with Digital Spy, a British entertainment and news website.

One major point of emphasis, the accent:

“I’m from the South so I know who to go to to find the accent,” Tatum said. “But I haven’t found THE GUY yet. Cause generally, that’s how I do the accents: I go find the person that I want to sound like and not just do a generic Cajun accent."

According to, Gambit was (presumably) born in New Orleans, is bilingual in English and French, and employs playing cards, which he charges with kinetic energy and throws with extraordinary accuracy, as his trademark weapon.