FORT POLK, La. (AP) — The Army is buying 4,900 acres of land south of Fort Polk in a move that Sen. Mary Landrieu says points to continued expansion of the central Louisiana military base.

The land is being acquired from American Sulphur and Oil Co. of Dry Creek, according to Landrieu’s office. The move comes as major cuts are being announced in the national defense budget. Landrieu’s Friday news release says this is currently the only land acquisition that the U.S. Army is actively pursuing in the country.

“With the Pentagon’s recent announcement to reduce troop levels in the Army and pursue two new rounds of Defense Base Closure and Realignment, this land acquisition demonstrates the important role that Ft. Polk plays in keeping our military the best in the world,” the Landrieu news release said.

The land purchase is expected to be completed in February. The land is south of Peason Ridge at Fort Polk.

Landrieu said she has been working with the Army and a local community organization, Fort Polk Progress, to facilitate the land purchase.