New Orleans rapper Dee-1 finally pays back student loans, celebrates with Tiger Stadium-shot music video _lowres

Photo by Brittany Baham -- Dee-1

A new song from New Orleans-raised rapper Dee-1 about the struggles of paying back student loans continues to grab national attention.

In an interview with the Washington Post, the LSU graduate and former Baton Rouge public school teacher says that the rap is meant to be a “fun, celebratory anthem to motivate people.

“It’s really a part of my life journey,” Dee-1 told the Post. “So many people can relate to it. I’ve had conversations with friends who went to college, and Sallie Mae would always come up.”

The song even got the attention of Sallie Mae, who tweeted its congratulations to the rapper.

Dee-1 wouldn’t say how much student debt he had accumulated before he paid it off, but the Post reported that tuition, books, and room and board when he graduated in 2009 was around $16,470.

“I never had that buffer of having anyone help me pay my loans back, or having my expenses be so minimal because I’m living at home with my parents,” Dee-1 told the Post. “I never had any of that stuff.”

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