How many people have been shot near your neighborhood this year?

A map of shootings in America, plotted by online magazine and based on data from the Gun Violence Archive, was published at on Tuesday.


The map allows readers to enter a city or street address and see both fatal and nonfatal shootings in a two-mile radius of that location.

While mass shootings often dominate headlines, Slate points out that they constitute just a small fraction of the gun violence recorded in America in any given year. In 2013, the most recent year for which government statistics are available, less than 2 percent of more than 33,000 gun deaths in the country were due to mass shootings.

In Louisiana's highest-profile shooting in 2015, John "Rusty" Russell Houser fatally shot two people in a Lafayette movie theater in July before killing himself. And in late November, gunmen fired wildly into a huge crowd watching a DJ set and music video taping at Bunny Friend Park in New Orleans, leaving 17 people wounded.

Louisiana is among a handful of states where guns now kill more people than cars, according to a report released in April by the Violence Policy Center, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C., that advocates for gun control.

Using data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the report said there were 886 gun deaths in Louisiana in 2013.