Governors. They’re just like us.

Gov. John Bel Edwards, giving the commencement speech at the LSU Law Center on Friday, revealed he’s still paying off his student loans from when he attended law school.

Edwards graduated from LSU Law Center in 1999 and he’s the fourth LSU law graduate to serve as governor.

“Like many of you, I was a student at LSU — a little non traditional — I had a wife and two kids, I had no income and I had insufficient savings,” he said in his remarks. “I was just telling (LSU President) King Alexander that I’m still paying on my loans to go to law school. You’re going to be doing that for awhile.”

Edwards, who had a law practice in his home town of Amite, went on to say that his support network of his wife and family was critical to his success, and asked the graduating class to give thanks to their own family and friends who support them.

In his speech, he spoke fondly of Cheney Joseph Jr., who was serving as an interim co-Dean of the Law School at the time of his death late last year. He said Joseph, a well-known legal scholar in Louisiana, set an example for all lawyers.

“What an incredible example he set for you and for me and for everyone about what it means – not to just be great lawyers, but more importantly what it means to be great citizens,” he said. “Because being a great lawyer isn’t just about winning cases and making money – those things are fun and important – but they are not necessarily the measures of greatness, and he exemplified that.”

He encouraged graduates to make a difference both in the legal profession and their community, as Joseph did.