Republican strategist, New Orleans resident Mary Matalin explains why she’s now a Libertarian _lowres

Mary Matalin (Advocate staff file photo by Daniel Erath)

Republican strategist and New Orleans resident Mary Matalin revealed this week that she has changed her party affiliation from Republican to Libertarian. The decision, she says, is not about Donald Trump.

Matalin discussed presidential politics — and her feelings about Trump and likely opponent Hillary Clinton — on Bloomberg Television’s “With All Due Respect.”

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She calls herself a “never-Hillary ... provisional-Trump” voter.

Her hesitation about Trump, she said, is that she doesn’t know enough about his policies. With some tweaks and more details about his policies, she said Trump could not only win, but win in a landslide.

“I don’t think he has to undo anything. He has to flesh out some principles that comport with why people have supported the Republican Party in the past.”

Still, As for her switch from the Republican Party, Matalin cited conservatives’ general discontent with the party in recent years.

She said she made the switch “because I’m a Republican in the Jeffersonian, Madisonian sense. I’m not a Republican for a party or a person. And the Libertarian Party continues to represent those constitutional principles that I agree with.

“I can still vote for Republicans,” she said.

In a March 31 appearance with her husband, Democratic strategist James Carville, at Loyola University, Matalin bemoaned the state of her party — “I don’t think the Republican Party’s image could be any worse,” she said — even as she vowed not to vote for the likely Democratic nominee, whom she referred to several times as “the H-Bomb.”

Asked what the reaction would be if her husband left the Democratic Party, Matalin smiled. “I think it would be a juicy story for me, and it would contribute greatly to marital tranquility, I’ll say.”