An LSU student is drawing national attention for a class speech he gave recently on seducing women that he says was meant as satire.

In a speech titled "How to Seduce Women," the student, identified in the LSU Daily Reveille as junior Brandon Dorner, says during a date "you always want to always try to be touching her at some point ... like try to hold her hand or play footsie ... if you do it enough she'll subconsciously think that she doesn't have a choice."

The line appeared to draw a combination of laughter and strange looks from the class.

Dorner told the Reveille that he had no idea the speech would attract any attention, much less from sites including BroBible and Jezebel.

“It all started with me and my roommates joking that it would be funny if I had done my speech on that,” Dorner told the Reveille. “I then realized this topic would get the class laughing and let them realize that tough classes like speech didn’t have to be a painful experience. So I went with it.

“The whole idea for the presentation was meant to be a satire of people who actually try to seduce women like this. So I thought of date scenarios and imagined some things that would get laughs because they would never actually work.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 21 and was posted by an account titled "Ships & Sailors Comedy." Along with the video is a description saying "Hey guys here's a speech I did in class at LSU, teaching you young whipper snappers how to win over a woman's heart. It involves a blow up doll by the name of Sunshine which whom I had to carry around school all day."

LSU contacted Dorner and asked him to take the video down from YouTube, which he did, the Reveille reported.

The video appears on the blog whose author believes "there's no reason that something like this should have been allowed to go on for close to seven minutes."

The speech draws attention to LSU at a time when the federal education department is investigating LSU’s administrative handling of sexual assault cases after a victim filed a complaint against the university this summer.

Read the full report from the Reveille here.