STONEWALL (AP) — Almost 40 years after banning alcohol sales, Stonewall residents have begun another push to become “dry.”

Months after citizens realized a 1977 local alcohol law no longer held legal weight, the Committee Against the Sale of Alcohol in Stonewall was meeting Thursday evening with the hope of calling for a local option election on the issue.

The Shreveport Times reports that because of changes in the state’s alcohol laws in 1997, Stonewall’s municipality and ward is officially considered “wet.” Three commercial developers realized the change of legal status last year and have started construction on a package liquor store in Stonewall.

At least 25 percent of the town’s 1,391 registered voters must sign a petition to call an election. Petitioners, who hope to block the construction of the liquor store, have 60 days to complete the task.