Members of a Louisiana family say critics of their viral Christmas card photo need to lighten up, or if they can't do that: "Scroll up ... About a half-second later, you're not going to see it anymore."

Lanie and James Johnson, of Rosepine, spoke about the controversy with KALB-TV in Alexandria.

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At issue is a photo that depicts Lanie Johnson and the couple's two daughters with tape over their mouths, while James Johnson holds a sign saying "Peace on Earth" and their young son gives a thumbs up.

Photographer Hannah Hawkes posted the photo on her Facebook page Sunday night, and before long it was shared over 3,000 times. It had gone viral, with many people accusing the couple and photographer of promoting abuse against women.

Hawkes and the Johnsons told KALB that certainly was not the intention, adding that the criticism is overblown: “We have flipped the negativity, turned it into humor,” Lanie Johnson said. “We make jokes about it and no one can tell us how to live our lives or what to do.”

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