Viral video elicits OMGs, 'Awwws' as Louisiana boy makes stealthy visits to hug, play fetch with dog _lowres


The video shows the boy dropping his bicycle on the driveway and sprinting into the open garage ... then briefly hugging the neighbors' dog before make a quick getaway.

The homeowner, Hollie Breaux Mallet of Pierre Part, wondered about the mystery (and frequent) visitor and took to social media to get some answers.

"Attn Neighbors!" she wrote in a May 30 Facebook post. "Anyone know who this sweet little boy is?

"Every now and then when he rides his bike he will quickly come and love on my dog or play fetch real quick, but always leaves quick like he doesn't know if he should be here! I'd like to tell him he's welcome to stay and play, she loves the attention!"

Not seeing the video below? Click here.

Amid the OMGs and Awwws, it didn't take long for neighbors to ID the boy, Josh, whose mother, Ginger Clement Breaux reported he talked about the dog "all the time."

Mallet, pleased to solve the mystery and amazed by the attention the video has received online, said Josh is invited back to visit his special friend.

"Hope this sweet little boy Josh continues to come play and love up on Dutchess!" she said in a follow-up post. "A dog is a friend for life!"

Josh's mother weighed in to answer one persistent question: Yes, Josh had a dog of his own until about a year ago when the family pet, Bella, died. Breaux says school activities and other obligations have kept the family from adopting a new dog, but "It will happen!"