NEW ORLEANS — An 80-year-old New Orleans doctor was spared prison time in a health care fraud scheme that allegedly netted more than $21 million.

Dr. Jerry Haskin was sentenced in federal court Thursday to a year of probation and a year of home confinement after pleading in October to conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

Haskin was ordered to pay $157,109 in restitution.

Haskin, an anesthesiologist, was among several people, including another octogenarian physician, Dr. Jack Voight, 81, who were alleged to have perpetrated a scheme to falsify Medicare and Medicaid claims for procedures they either never performed or which were unnecessary.

Voight was sentenced in early January to two years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Under the scheme, “marketers” and “recruiters” would find patients and transport them to the clinics in exchange for prescription drugs and cash, and several patients would be shuttled among various clinics for redundant tests, federal prosecutors alleged.

Voight was sentenced in early January to two years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

The elderly doctors were accused of filing phony claims through three New Orleans clinics, with the help of others. Both men had faced possible prison terms of more than 100 years under the initial charges in the case.

Dr. Yelena Ivanova, another physician involved in the scheme, is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 21.

She too pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit health care fraud, as did Voight.

Five others have already been sentenced to prison terms ranging from 20 months to the nine-year sentence handed to Aram Khlgatian, 56, of Metairie.