A trial began in Texas on Tuesday in which two Louisiana residents allege that a sperm bank illegally gave the man’s sperm to another woman, who then had a baby, according to a report by ABC News.

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Layne Hardin of Sulphur and Katherine LeBlanc, then domestic partners, stored Hardin’s sperm in 2002 at a Texas fertility center before he had a vasectomy, according to their lawsuit. In the event that the couple separated, LeBlanc was to decide what to do with the samples.

The couple did separate, and Hardin began dating another woman, Tobie Devall. After that relationship ended in 2009, according to the lawsuit, the clinic gave Devall two samples of Hardin’s sperm – without LeBlanc’s consent, despite the agreement – and she became pregnant, having a son in 2010.

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