Gift Wrap My Face is exactly what it sounds like — festive wrapping paper customized with the giver’s face.

“There’s something about your disembodied head that is hilarious,” said spokesperson Jessica Von Sack-Downey. “It’s an unexpected, self-effacing moment created during the giving process.”

Co-owner Aryel Rivero came up with the concept in 2008. The graphic designer created a pattern using selfie as a motif and wrapped a present for his girlfriend, Vanessa, in the paper. “She said it was the most fun gift she ever received, and a couple of years later, they got married,” Von Sack said.

Friends and family kept asking for their own face gift wrap. In 2014, the Riveros launched the company, which garnered celebrity fans and mentions on CNBC and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

At $9.95 a roll, the product is an affordable way to spruce up a lackluster present. Bonus: no gift tags required.