The ancient Dorian Greeks were justifiably famous for many achievements: the ferocity of their legendary armies, the invention of highly stylized “Attica” pottery, poetry that was the very germ of drama, adding a sixth string to the lyre to anticipate the modern guitar, and for the addition of vowels to the harsh Phoenician alphabet.

The Doric Order of architecture, however, is the eternal triumph of the Dorians’ culture. On Friday evening, the krewe brought Doric “order” to the City of New Orleans at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center during its 79th ball.

Reigning as queen was Miss Marylynn Beatrice Smitherman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Rogerson Smitherman.

Maids to her majesty were Misses Caroline Elizabeth Arterburn, daughter of Mr. William Tarleton Arterburn and Mrs. Dixey Hailey Arterburn; Grace Bethea Connors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Thomas Connors; Juliette Persons Fry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Philip Fry; Abigail Augusta Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lee Jones III; Caroline Withnell Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Patrick Reed; Lynn Chambers Sherwood, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Edward Read Sherwood III; and Claire Michelle Zeringue, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne George Zeringue Jr.

Ladies-in-waiting to the queen were Misses Shea Hodges Duckworth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Shea Duckworth; Merry Alston Farris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woods Fernand Farris; Isabel Catherine Gibson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Michael Gibson; Alyce Louise Iglesias, daughter of Mrs. Charles John Iglesias and the late Mr. Iglesias; Laura Caroline Kern, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen John Kern; Alexandra Brennan Martin, daughter of Mr. Alexis Brennan Martin and Mrs. Jane Brennan Martin; Madeline Claire Moise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dimmick Moise; Elizabeth Barat Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reed; and Elizabeth Colon Toso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Toso.

Pages to their majesties were Masters John William Morton, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Flood Morton IV; James Ted Rogers IV, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers III; Walter Watson Scriber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Barret Scriber; and Archer Graham VanDenburgh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Allen VanDenburgh.

Mrs. John Peter Labouisse III (née Diane Marie Sustendal) was presented to the king and queen as the 50 year anniversary monarch.

Serving as chairman of the court committee was Mr. Labouisse III. Vice chairmen were Messrs. Horace Mark Adams, Chester Theodore Alpaugh III, Alan Guy Brackett, Donald Gilbert Charbonnet, Arthur Seldon Mann III, Thomas Joseph Mitchell and John Charles Saunders Jr.

Earlier in the evening, the queen’s mother invited guests to a reception at the Orleans Club. Immediately following the ball, a queen’s breakfast was held at the New Orleans Country Club.