The Krewe of Choctaw transformed the Grand Ballroom and auditorium of the Fredrick J. Sigur Center into the Sacred Tribal Grounds of the Mighty Chief Choctaw on Saturday.

In a gala performance, the chief presented his traditional tableau in celebration of the organization's 81st anniversary and 33rd annual Big Pow Wow.The theme of the ball was “Born On The Bayou,” in honor of the 300th anniversary of New Orleans.

Reigning as Princess Choctaw 2018 was Miss Lydia Abigail Lanasa, daughter of Mr. Doug Lanasa.

Maids to her majesty represented letters of the alphabet. They were Misses Melissa Ann Dugas, Andrea Gabriele Fisher and Shannon Louise Bourgeois.

Papooses to the Mighty Chief Choctaw and his princess were Master Michael Croft, Misses Avery Tutwiler, Cecile White, Blair Winter and Kaitlyn Janus.

Indian Braves to the chief and guardians of the Great Tribal Tee Pee were Masters Mason Meeks and Lyric Lee, Holy Cross Men.

Portraying the all-knowing, all-seeing Choctaw Medicine Man was Mr. Frank Ruiz.

The royal regalia of the chief and his princess was fashioned of imported white silk accented with silver rhinestone braid. The entire ensemble was trimmed with Austrian rhinestone and sequin appliques, and accented with blue and green lamé. They wore traditional Indian headdresses in coordinating colors to their tunic and gown. 

The captain wore an elaborate gold-trimmed tunic made of silk imported from Belize, accented with gold sequins, rhinestone braid and Russian rhinestone appliques. He wore a traditional Indian headdress to match the tunic.

The recipient of the Choctaw Distinguished Service Award was Mr. Daniel G. Meeks.

The recipient of the Godrey Boudreaux Memorial Award was Mr. Walter Sisung Jr.

The board of directors of the Krewe of Chief Choctaw are Messrs. Meeks, Scott Holt,  Kim Ellingburg, J.D. Ortego and Vice President Emeritus Charles Turberville.

The Pow Wow coordinator was the captain. General chairmen were Messrs. Rody J. Landry, Kim Ellingburg and Charles Turberville. Vice general chairmen were Messrs. Charles D. Favrot, John Tessitore and David Frank. Vice Chairmen were Messrs. Guy F. Laigast, Matthew H. Heindel, Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser and Walter Sisung Jr. Members of the captain's special honorary committee were Messrs. Philip J. Fricano Jr., Mrs. Fran F. Landry, Corey Lewis, Jason Matherne, Justin Huber and Sheriff B.T. Justice. Special UAS assistant to the captain was Mr. Gerald Snowton.