It was an amazing experience as Oshun circled the globe to experience “Carnival around the World” at the krewe’s annual ball Saturday evening.

Reigning as Oshun XIX was Dr. LaRease Nichole Thomas. She wore a gown of gold brocade embellished with Swarovski crystals. Her gold lamé mantel featuring a hand-beaded peacock was embellished with an array of colorful plumes. Her headpiece and collar complemented her gown and she carried the traditional peacock fan.

The goddesses who represented love, wealth, fountains and tranquility were Miss Brittany Gable, granddaughter of Mrs. JoAnn Cook, and Mesdames Mary Williams-Hubbard, Tennille Grace-Harrison, Stephanie C. Synigal, Akila Williams, Kimberly Thomas, Rachel Thomas, Joan Ann Brown, Briggitte Stewart, Aurolyn McGee, Nikita Davis, Jolanda Berry, Marie Benoit, Aminah Roussell, Nicole Baxter, and Aldiva Taylor. They wore elegant beaded lace gowns and lavish headpieces, embellished with Swarovski crystals and plumes. Their collars were adorned with plumes and crystals.

Oshun’s pages were Master Cody A. and Miss Savana M. Styles, son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Secody Styles; and Miss Alyssa Hampton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Corey Hampton.

Reigning as Shango, Oshun’s consort, was Mr. Randy Allen Moore. He wore a gold brocade tunic with a jeweled belt. His headpiece and collar complemented his costume and he wore a matching peacock mantel and carried a stone-encrusted goblet.

Shango’s pages were Master Semaj Moore, son of Miss Keshia Moore; Misses Q’Shawn Moore, daughter of Mr. James Moore; Jade Delaney, daughter of Mr. Ronald Delaney and Ms. Marthia Moore; and Ja’Nya Bernice Bazile, daughter of Mr. Jeffrey Bazile and Ms. Nicole Lee.

The pages wore gold tunic with bloomers and matching plumes hats.

Mrs. Deborah Singleton Rogers reigned as queen mother, Yemoja. She wore a silver gown adorned with crystals. Her headpiece and collar complimented her gown.

Mr. Lydell M. Rogers Jr. reigned as emperor. He wore an ivory tuxedo with a jeweled silver kufi.

The hornblowers were Masters Ethan Toliver son of Mr. Ethan and Mrs. Laterial Toliver Sr.; and Dominique Terrell Lewis, son of Mr. Dominique Lewis and Ms. Akila Williams. They wore blue tunics and bloomers with matching plumed hats

The Daughters of Oshun were Misses Alvianne Brooks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Brooks; Brittany Ann Clark, daughter of Mr. Bryan Clark and Ms. Sonya Smith; Takera Garcia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Garcia; LaCi Toliver daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Toliver; Lenelle Amanda Lennox, daughter of Mr. Lenford and Mrs. Danielle Marie Lennox. They wore mauve crystal organza gowns with matching headpieces.

The princesses were Misses Centrell Loque Stokes, daughter of Mr. Dujuan Stoker and Ms. Trimeeka Johnson; Airell Marie Hamilton, daughter of Mrs. Tyneshia L. Hamilton and the late Mr. Anthony Hamilton; Alai Jah MiAngel Hamilton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton; Epiphany Matthews, daughter of Mr. Pharoh Matthews and Ms. Tafara Synigal; Denaysha Synigal, daughter of Mr. Cortez Vaughn and Ms. Synigal; Kayla A. Nora, daughter of Mr. Karrell Nora and Ms. Jawanda Smith; and Aliah Tyson, daughter of Ms. Tyson. They wore gold brocade and crystal organza gowns and headpieces.

Sons of Shango and princes were Masters Damiane Pierre Clark Thomas, son of Mr. Jerome and Mrs. Deanne C. Thomas; Glennary Williams, son of Mr. TyVonte Fields and Ms. Akila Williams; Lionel Amiah Hebert Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Hebert; TyVonte Fields, son of Mr. TyVonte Fields and Ms. Williams; Lamar Franklin, son of Mr. Ivy Franklin and Ms. Brown; Semaj Taylor, son of Mr. James Taylor and Ms. Terrica Washington; Lawrence Sylve IV, son of Ms. Lenita Jones; and Oscar Garcia Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Garcia. They wore black tuxedos with kufis.

The officers of the krewe are Messrs. Bryan Clark, Randy Moore and Mesdames Williams-Hubbard, Grace-Harrison, Synigal and Deborah Singleton Rogers.

The captain of Oshun is Mrs. Ann Lewis Clark.