Ava and Liam, Olivia and Noah, Emma and Mason — welcome!

The Social Security Administration has released its lists of most popular baby names in 2016. In Louisiana, Liam was the name most frequently bestowed on boys, with 276 little Liams. Ava was the most popular girl's name, at 279.

The top baby names for the nation as a whole last year were Noah and Emma.

Favorite names have changed over the years. In 1960, the top names in the country were David and Mary. In 1990, Michael and Jessica took the lead. 

Here are the top 10 Louisiana names in 2016.


1. Ava 

2. Olivia

3. Emma

4. Amelia

5. Harper

6. Charlotte

7. Mia

8. Sophia

9. Madison

10. Avery


1. Liam

2. Noah

3. Mason

4. Elijah

5. William

6. Luke

7. Carter

8. John 

9. James

10. Wyatt

For lists by state of names going all the way back to 1879, visit the Social Security website, ssa.gov/