Beau Brummell celebrated 78 years of the club’s affinity for perfection in attire, culture, social correctness and the highest standards of Carnival ball affairs, Friday in the Mardi Gras Ballroom of Copeland Towers.

Through this year’s theme, “Petals,” the club’s patron, George Bryan Brummell, entered the ballroom and stood before the royal platform. He gazed at the five debutantes and declared each "a beautiful rose." He described in details the brilliant colors and dazzling fragrance of their petals.

Formally opening the evening’s affair, call captain Mr. Warner A. Tureaud presented the master of ceremonies Dr. Reginald A. Parquet. With the orchestra playing “Unforgettable,” “Beau” Parquet, as the members are noted, invited the guests to abandon all worry and care as he proceeded through the narration.

Presenting the members and their ladies, Dr. Parquet first introduced Mr. Elwood T. Davis, who has been a member of the club since 1984. Each member was introduced as "Beau” and presented in the chronological order of their membership in the club. Following Beau Davis were Messrs. Benny G. Harris, James K. Bonds, Dr. Parquet, Wilson C. Boveland, Jeffery D. Jackson, Benjamin Stove Jr., Washington Wells, Dr. Press L. Robinson, Shedrick E. Sublett, Alfred J. Sanders, Warren Lyons Jr., Larry J. Carter, Ezickiel D. Nash, Warner A. Tureaud, John K. Etter, Roland Ellis, Wayne E. Woods, Michael J. Riley, George R. Robinson Jr. and Joseph F. White Sr. (honorary member).

During the tableau, the club paid special homage to Beau Washington Wells for his outstanding contributions to his family, community, the club and the nation.

One of the distinguishing highlights of the ball was the presentation of the 2017 queen, Miss Maya Ann Weber, who was escorted into the ballroom by the club’s vice president, Beau Tureaud. Miss Weber had the honor of selecting her successor from this year’s five debutantes, who when formally presented, placed a magic capsule containing their name into a crystal urn near the royal platform.

Debutantes escorted into the ballroom by club members were Misses Taysia Bryant, daughter of Mr. Lionel Foster and Ms. Lisa Foster; Erica T. Doherty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Erick Doherty; Jana Danyel Gaudet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Gaudet; Ma Coi Carmel Hollins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carnell Hollis, and Cachè Jamonica Landry, daughter of Mr. Willie Brumfield and Ms. Deana Landry.

With the spotlight on Queen Maya, she drew the magic capsule containing the name of the new queen from the crystal urn and handed it to Captain Tureaud. The captain presented the magic capsule to Dr. Parquet, who announced Miss Doherty as the new queen. Her majesty began her reign as the 2018 queen of the Beau Brummell Club and presided over Friday’s festivities.

Beau Bonds, club president, presented a bouquet of roses to the 2018 queen, introduced her to the ball guests and promenaded her around the ballroom floor. Following the toast, the debutantes paid homage to the queen by performing a specially choreographed dance in her honor. Beau Bonds then led Queen Erica and her royal entourage from the ballroom and into Beau Brummell Club history. Following the departure of the queen, the club’s traditional waltz was performed by the members and their ladies, before general dancing and dining began.

The ball theme was developed by the John E. Rousseau Jr. Theme Committee, composed of Messrs. Bonds, Boveland, Carter, Davis, Ellis, Harris, Dr. Parquet and Tureaud.

The band, Bobby J. and Stuff Like That, provided the musical entertainment for the evening.