The ever-irreverent and unapologetic Krewe of Tucks celebrated half a century of Carnival tradition Saturday when the ensemble of men and women rolled through the streets of Uptown and concluded their festivities at their Mardi Gras Extravaganza in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott New Orleans.

Reigning over the festivities were King Abe Stopak and Queen Theresa Heingarten. They rolled with the street procession on the krewe's famed porcelain throne to the theme "50 Shades of Gold."

The monarchs had been crowned at a coronation ball earlier in the Carnival season in the same ballroom, along with a bevy of "maids."

One keen Mardi Gras masker filed this report on the "gala" from the locale that had "had transformed into a gilded gala of glitz and gaiety."

"In keeping with tradition, many of Tucks' golden gods and goddesses avoided formal wear in favor of Carnival couture inspired by a half-century of Tucks’ glory. The ballroom was a goldmine of gaudy garments, some naughty and some nice."

For the balls and the parade, his majesty "festooned himself in an array of gilded garments, thrice changing his royal wardrobe to outfits more dashing than the last. The king ultimately traded his rich fur stole for a jumpsuit woven from rich gold lame, with a plunging neckline that augmented his regal bearing in a most stimulating way.

"Queen Theresa Heingarten was radiant in a green gown inlaid with rich gold brocade. The queen sent the adoring throngs into squeals of delight with a mere tip of her silver chalice. Dilly, dilly!

"The royal flush was preceded by the customary contingent of 'debutantes' (some of them men) clad in the krewe’s traditional French maid gowns: Allison Shapiro, Kathleen Parke, Mary King, Jack Leslie, former queen Anne Eckert, Emily Hernandez, Karen Ribaul, Amber King, Lisette Bayle, Elisa Bennett, Carla Pittari, Henna O’Neill, Kerry Winters, Megan Douglas, Avery Strada, Robin Moser, Melissa Walters, Peggy Murphy, Dana Schmucker, Jenn Wycoff, Ginny Casey, Jennifer DeLorge McKeown and Kelsey York."

Once introductions were made, the Landry Walker marching band led the kingly and queenly cohort through a cheering throng on floats drawn by loyal subjects. 

The final revelry was enlivened by the music of The Remixers and The Molly Ringwalds.