Gathering for the organization’s 51st celebration, the Mystic Krewe of Olympia presented its annual bal masque last evening at the Castine Center in Mandeville.

Following the presentation of the captain and officers, the krewe made a lively entrance into the ballroom welcoming their guests.

The captain then signaled the presentation of the royal court.

Zeus LI, the 2016 king of Olympia, made a regal entrance, acknowledging his guests as he processed to the throne.

Reigning as queen was Miss Hadley Victoria Rase, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Michael Rase Jr. The queen wore an ivory A-line gown of embroidered lace overlaying dupioni silk. The large-scale leafy fronds wound their way up from the hem and enhanced the sweetheart neckline — each leaf outlined in silver bugle beads and embellished with strands of Swarovski rhinestones and lochrosens. Scattered throughout the dress were beaded rhinestone dangles, which caught the light. From her shoulders fell the traditional Olympia mantle. Completing the queen’s ensemble were the Medici collar of lace, lochrosens and Swarovski crystals, accented with a pave crystal choker, coordinating earrings, fulgent crown and scepter.

Their majesties reigned from atop a multi-leveled white dais highlighted by a gathered Austrian curtain.

Maids in her majesty’s court were Misses Maggie Suzanne Abide, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Michael Abide Sr.; Lisa Rebecca Goodgion, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darron Michael Goodgion; Madison Elaine Hahn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kristian Raymond Hahn; Lauren Rebecca Hebert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luc Kermit Hebert Sr.; Allyson Althea Lacoste, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Charles Lacoste; Grace Catherine Mierl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Norman Mierl; Juliette Elizabeth St. Romain, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harold St. Romain; and Caroline Francis Stafford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Byron Stafford

Ladies-in-waiting to the queen were Misses Lauren Marie Boudreau, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Deryl Edward Boudreau; Caitlin Elizabeth Braswell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua O’Neal Braswell; Katelyn Marie Dowdle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie B. Dowdle Jr.; Meredith Elise Poirier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aldric Charles Poirier Jr.; and Isabella Grace and Sophie Katherine Spears, daughters of Ms. Aleta Jacobs Spears and granddaughters of Mr. Larry James Jacobs. They wore shantung silk sleeveless gowns with an organza overlay and crystal belting. The queen’s pin was fastened to the oversized bow on the back and each carried balls of green hydrangeas tied with white satin ribbons.

Pages to her majesty were Masters Jackson Reese Dowdle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dowdle Jr.; John Charles McWilliams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paysse Perrilliat McWilliams; Ethan Jules Plauché, son of Dr. and Mrs. Hebert Reiss Plauché; Nicholas William Rase, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lance Marcus Rase; Preston Paul Tate, son of Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Tate; and Ralph Freret Wynne, son of Mr. Vincent Freret Wynne Jr. and Ms. Ashley Marie Hillman

Mr. Mason Rudolph Jr. served as chairman of the floor committee. Assisting him were Messrs. John Baldwin, George Boudreaux, Dan Dorsey, Lange Gambel and Matt Voelkel.

Following the presentation, members and guests enjoyed a queen’s supper were entertained by the music of BRW.