What’s billed as the biggest parade in Carnival, and perhaps the world, will be a bit bigger and even more spectacular this year.

On Monday night, Endymion Captain Ed Muniz offered a sneak peek behind the doors of the krewe’s den as it gets set to roll Saturday, Feb. 14, along the Mid-City route at 4:15 p.m.

Known for its innovation, the krewe continues to “compete with ourselves,” notes Muniz, as it adds animation and special effects to its arsenal of attention-grabbing floats.

“Fantastic Voyages” will be the theme, and it includes such wonders as a smoking Charon, the ferryman over the mythological River Styx; a lunar module that “blasts” lights and smoke, a “flying” Aladdin on a magic carpet; and the E-TV float, which features a 10-by-30 foot video screen.

Barry Kern and the float builders of Kern Studios have also upped the ante on many of the floats, with improved fibre-optic lighting and other illuminated effects.