The Krewe of Hermes celebrated its 76th annual ball Thursday evening at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel.

His majesty Hermes, having celebrated the first 75 years of gilded pageantry, once again assembled his festive krewe for the enactment of a new and glorious tableau. Hermes turned his Olympian eyes to the city of Paris of 1909, where a Russian impresario and his troupe of dancers, designers and composers would astonish and forever change the world of art with the Ballets Russes. The troupe claimed a special place in the history of the performing arts. Exotic themes, innovative choreography and avant garde musical compositions were their shining trademarks — a perfect subject for Hermes and his krewe’s carnival pageantry!

Reigning as queen of Hermes 2015 was Miss Anna Elise Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marc Leslie Reed.

Her majesty’s maids were Misses Luciana Elizabeth Bertucci, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Philip Lee Bertucci; Courtney Kayellen Brock, daughter and stepdaughter of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Larry Rendall Brock Jr. and daughter of Ms. Amy Ruth Brock; Caroline Virginia Crosby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hogan Crosby; Alyssa Rose Cruse, daughter of Dr. Kenneth James Cruse and Dr. Maria Birdsall Cruse; Lucille Anne Harrison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Andrew Harrison; and Victoria Lael Slack, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Todd Robert Slack.

The bearer of the flowers was Miss Amelia Baxter Peters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Baxter Peters. The bearer of the scepter was Miss Ella Maxwell Freeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard West Freeman III.

Ladies-in-waiting were Misses Samantha Elan Dugan, daughter of Mr. Fortuné Anthony Dugan Jr. and Dr. Veronica T. Dugan; Ella Camille Fischer, daughter of the late Mr. Eugene John Fischer and stepdaughter and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis J. Bordelon III; Riley Elizabeth Gennusa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Anthony Gennusa III; Lily Renée Giangrosso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Trahan Giangrosso; Anna Grace and Sarah Louise Heebe, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Riley Heebe; Camille Grace and Lily Catherine Jacobs, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. David Michael Jacobs; Shelby Marie LaSalle, daughter of Mr. Shelby Paul LaSalle Jr. and Dr. Marija Guidry LaSalle; and Ellison Shaw Vosbein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vosbein Jr.

Pages to Hermes LXXVI were Masters James Michael Alvarez, son of Mr. and Mrs. René Darren Alvarez; Jacob Thomas Cibilich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chris Cibilich; Joseph Parks Evans, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eugene Evans Jr.; James Provosty Favor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Springer Favor; Benjamin Diego Patrón, son and stepson of Mr. David Lee Patrón and Dr. Rebekah Gee Patrón and stepson and son of Mr. Mark Vicknair and Ms. Mindy Brickman; Benjamin Robert Stassi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spier Stassi; and Grant Everett Traina, son and stepson of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Everett Traina and stepson and son of Mr. and Mrs. Sean Cahill.

Returning for the ball was the 2014 queen, Miss Shelby Elizabeth Sanderford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Britton Sanderford Jr. A bouquet of white roses was presented to her by the captain.

Guests of the krewe enjoyed a champagne reception in the Chemin Royale, followed by the presentation in the Grand Ballroom and the supper dance in the Grand Salon.

The Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra provided the music for the ball. For the supper dance, the music alternated between Jimmy Maxwell’s Orchestra and Jessie’s Girls of Atlanta.

Committeemen responsible for the ball included Judge Robert M. Murphy, Messrs. André S. Montz, Walter J. Baudier Jr., Anthony J. Capritto III, Robert E. Smith Lupo, Rick S. Rees, H. Britton Sanderford Jr. and Dr. Raoul Rodriguez.