The Krewe of Mid-City celebrated its 82nd bal masque Friday evening in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton New Orleans honoring the rollercoaster careers of Louisiana politicians known and loved so well with the theme: “Dey’ All Axed for You.”

However, the bal masque needed a little fiction and beauty as their maids represented those fantastical creatures of lore — the honest politicians of the state.

Reigning as Queen Mid-City LXXXII was Miss Victoria Michelle Cambise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Michael Cambise.

Her majesty was attired in a fitted silver lamé gown with an overlay of beaded lace, adorned with embroidered flowers, ending in a scalloped train of the same lace. The entire dress was embellished with rhinestones. Her collar was a double-petal Medici collar with Alençon lace with rhinestone embellishments and aurora borealis teardrops. Each petal was trimmed with a French white lace with filigree rhinestone trim. The queen mantle of imported silver lamé was trimmed in ermine. The central motif of interlocking hearts reflected the krewe’s crest. Her majesty’s ensemble was complete by a crown and scepter bearing the crest, fashioned of handset Austrian rhinestones.

The king was resplendent in a tunic costume of imported silver lamé with imported French silk lace at the cuff. Embellished with silver appliques and Austrian rhinestones, his majesty’s attire, crown and scepter and mantle matched in color and design those of the queen.

The captain made his entrance in a tunic-style costume of silver brocade embellished with imported Austrian rhinestones and appliques. His cape was finished with the krewe’s crest. The captain wore a domed helmet decorated completely in crystal beading and topped with eight white French curled plumes.

The officers of the krewe made their entrance in costumes of the Carnival colors: purple, gold and green. They also wore domed helmets with French curled plumes matching in the color of their costumes.

Maids to her majesty were Mrs. Kimberly Carol Kocian, wife of Mr. Stephen Kocian; and Misses Rachel Reneé Krachun, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Krachun; Kayla Lorraine Marmillion, daughter of Mrs. Raime Marmillion Jordan and stepdaughter of Mr. Michael Jordan; Madison Scott William McQuaig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott McQuaig; Laina Marie Menendez, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Menendez Jr.; Natalie Giselle Pillow, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Steven Pillow; Jeanna Leigh Signorelli, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Vincent Signorelli; and Tori J’nae Wright, daughter of Ms. Staci Leanna Nelson.

Portraying the Matagot, Mrs. Kocian’s costume was a tuxedo-style A-line gown in black and white dupioni silk with white cummerbund and chiffon skirt embellished with cracked ice gold and silver. Miss Krachun, portraying the fée marraine or fairy godmother, wore an azure ball gown of dupioni silk with an embroidered organza skirt trimmed with silver flower beaded appliques, completed with a Tiffany-blue sheer train. Miss Marmillion, portraying the Jabberwocky, wore an iridescent eggplant A-line sheath gown adorned with a lavender and eggplant sheer overskirt, trimmed in silver. Miss McQuaig, symbolizing the Melusine, was costumed in a light green dupioni silk halter combined with a teal crushed-velvet skirt in the likeness of scales, adorned with an aquamarine sequined and embroidered sheer overskirt. Miss Menendez, representing Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” wore a fitted turquoise full sequin gown with sheer sleeves, accented with an ice blue sheer train trimmed in silver. Miss Pillow, immortalizing Puck, wore a peach crepe gown with a peplum embellished with a peach and lime beaded lace and finished with a sheer gold overskirt with embroidered flowers. Miss Signorelli, depicting the phoenix, was costumed in a cranberry embroidered organza top with an A-line skirt of black silk adorned with black and red feathers, finished with a sheer train of black ribbons. Miss Wright, representing the Jinn, wore a fitted fuchsia dupioni silk gown with an overskirt of three-dimensional pink flowers, trimmed in silver and accented with sheer sleeves and jeweled cuffs.

Ladies-in-waiting to her majesty were Misses Maria Elizabeth Alzamora, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alzamora; Grace Elizabeth Anders, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Anders; Francois Lolol Beals, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Beals; Phoebe Nicole Bourgoyne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Bourgoyne; Suzanna Rose Everett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher “Todd” Everett; Ariana Catherine Freeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman; Sydney Ellis Leaumont, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Leaumont; and Meredith Grace Maksi, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Maksi.

Junior maids of the royal court were Misses Courtney Elizabeth and Emily Katherine Barrett, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Barrett; Marche Marie and Chloe Clare Beals, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Beals; Abigail Lauren Coit, daughter of Mr. Jeffery Coit and Dr. Catherine Staffeld-Coit; Megan Victoria Mayeaux, daughter of Mr. Mark Mayeaux and Ms. Jennifer Leigh Jeansonne; Abigail Grace Pean, daughter of Mr. Jean-Paul Pean and stepdaughter and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Keith Miller; and Anna and Sophie Therapondas, daughters of Dr. and Mrs. George Therapondas.

Junior dukes of the royal court were Masters Andrew Bruce and Grant Allen Addison, sons of Mr. and Mrs. David Addison; Andrew Alan Coit, son of Mr. Coit and Dr. Staffeld-Coit; Max Ilan and Ross Percy Jacobson, sons of Mr. Steven Jacobson and Ms. Tamara Kluger Jacobson; Bronson Merlyn Leaumont, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leaumont; and Shane Russell Storey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Storey II.

Pages to his majesty were Masters Robert Miller Alzamora, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alzamora; Logan Alexander Bodenheimer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bodenheimer; and Noah Elliott Maksi, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maksi.

The scepter princess was Miss Olivia Berry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berry.

Mr. John A Tessitore served as general chairman. Serving as honorary vice general chairman was Kenner Mayor Michael S. Yenni.

Chairmen of the ball were Messrs. Robert A. Brown, William L. Danflous, Dr. Jack Jacob, Dr. David M. Mulnick, Jack P. Rizzuto and Sam D. Scandaliato.

Vice chairmen of the ball were Messrs. Bob Geraci, Mark Hildreth and Dr. Timothy A. Melancon.