Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Former queens of Comus pause for a group photo at their annual luncheon. Back row: Jessie Sinnott Monsted, Grace Parker LeCorgne. Second row: Elaine Leverich Collenberg, Mary Kock Dickson, Anne Kock Montgomery. Third row: Libby Grace Hoefer, Lyn Howard Anderson. Fourth row: Elizabeth Smart Wooten, Nina Pratt Gensler, Ellen Simmons Ball, Sandy Smither Haygood. Fifth row: Mary Scott Westfeldt McKinnon, Lindsey Powell Vodanovich, Anne Lykes, Virginia Freeman Rowan, Muffin Labouisse Adriance. Sixth row: Dorothy Ball, Anne Kock, Elizabeth Grace Hoefer, Anne Phillips Ziegler, Kathleen Wisdom. Seventh row: Joanne Fenner Sullivan, Alston Montgomery Kerr, Polly Ukrop, Carolyn Crusel Wogan, Gladys Gay LeBreton

Former queens of the Mystic Krewe of Comus gathered at the St. Charles Avenue home of Mrs. George R. Montgomery (who reigned as Anne Kock in 1947) for their annual luncheon. Also known as the Morris-Downman House, it was erected in 1888. Included were Mmes. Jason W. Adriance, Harry S. Anderson, F. Macnaughton Ball Jr., Stewart N. Collenberg, Thomas M. Gregory, Paul M. Haygood, Bruce R. Hoefer Jr., John H. Kerr III, Edward F. LeBreton Jr. (who, as Gladys Gay, reigned in 1941), Earl R. LeCorgne Jr., Ryan T. McKinnon , Charles N. Monsted III, Montgomery, John F. Rowan Jr., R. Alan Sullivan, John D. Wogan (Carolyn Crusel, the 50th anniversary queen), Andrew Wooten, Justin E. Ziegler, Brooke S. Dickson and Keith J. Vodanovich. Also, Dorothy Ball, Nina Gensler, Grace Hoefer, Anne Kock, Anne Lykes, Pauline “Polly” Ukrop and Kathleen “Kit” Wisdom.