In keeping with tradition, for the 39th year, the Krewe of King Arthur honored the legend of “The Knights of the Round Table” that protected Camelot, the Lady of the Lake, Lancelot and the Excalibur Sword in the Stone at their annual bal masque held last evening at the Frederick Sigur Civic Center.

The theme celebrated was “Classified Information.”

The captain’s whistle alerted the attendees that the time had come for the krewe to unveil their royal pageant to the public.

Reigning as Queen Guinevere XXXIX was Mrs. Kelly O’Shaughnessy Trainor, daughter of Col. James P. and Mrs. Irene Hummel O’Shaughnessy. She is the wife of Dr. Timothy J. Trainor.

The queen’s gown was adorned in white dupioni silk, embellished with Austrian rhinestones and lace inlays. Her tunic was adorned with green Swarovski crystals to acknowledge her Irish heritage. Her silk mantle was centered with the King Arthur emblem. She carried a matching crown and scepter adorned with jewels.

Serving as pages to the queen were Master Aiden James Kane and Miss Taylor Elizabeth Kane, son and daughter of Michael Bryan Kane III and Megan Lowe Kane; and Master Eli Andrew Bedair, the son of Raymond Bedair III and Meghan O’Shaughnessy Bedair.

Her majesty’s maids were Ms. Anne Abbott Maloney Woods, wife of Mr. Gerald B. Woods of Baton Rouge, representing the Lady of the Lake; Ms. Erin Eileen O’Shaughnessy, daughter of Col. and Mrs. O’Shaughnessy, representing Lady Elaine, Lady of Corbenic; Ms. Stephanie Canepa Trainor, daughter of Richard and Kimberly Benitez Canepa, and wife of Dr. Robert S. Trainor, representing Lady Isolde; Ms. Clara Lafont Abramson, wife of Mr. Dave Abramson, representing Laudine, Lady of the Fountain; Ms. Katherine Ellen Trainor, daughter of Dr. Trainor and the queen, representing Enid, niece of Lulane; and Ms. Camela Jon Zimmerman, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmerman, portraying magic and mystery itself, Morgana Le Fay.

Ladies-in-waiting to the queen included Ms. Edith Diana Farrell, daughter of Mr. Michael Farrell and Ms. Gina Ciolino. Princesses to the captain included Ms. Ily Eden Fricano, daughter of Mr. Frank R. Fricano Jr. and Ms. Alexa Feurtado; and Ms. Heaven Alexandra Imbornone, daughter of Mr. Robert J. Imbornone and Mrs. Jessica Tassin Trosclair.

Mr. Frank Matthew Emerson entered the ballroom as the Magnificent Merlin the Magician, mastermind of all that is magical and the councilor to the great Arthur himself, which was fitting since he is the life partner of the king.

Other important characters portrayed during the royal presentation included the officers of the krewe, Mrs. Vera P. Vedros, Ms. Genevieve Anne Brown, Mr. Joshua Bitoun and Mr. John Wambsgams.

The presentation was concluded with the entrance of King Arthur XXXIX, Mr. Kevin John O’Shaughnessy.

His majesty wore an imperial-style tunic of white imported dupioni silk, trimmed in gold and silver and featuring rhinestone appliqués matching those on the queen’s gown. He also had green Swarovski crystals to represent the O’Shaughnessy heritage. His white mantle featured the same design motif as that of the queen. His Arthurian crown was adorned with Austrian crystals and he carried the sword Excalibur.

Following the presentation, their majesties, the royal court, captain and honored guests led the procession to further festivities that included music, food, dancing, and revelry into the night — and so lives on the spirit of the Krewe of King Arthur.

General chairman of the ball was Dr. Dave Mulnick. Vice general chairmen were Messrs. Michael Knight, Toby Lefort, Michael Trupiano, Dr. Jacob P. Bitoun, Chris Lea, Roy Woods, Chuck Favrot, Michael Vincent and Mike Carlson. The royalty committee included Dr. Timothy J. Trainor, Messrs. Victor A. Granata and Grant M. Dalgo.

The parade will be held Sunday, Jan. 31 on the traditional Uptown route, with 34 floats and almost 1000 riders.