The Krewe of Eve celebrated in Carnival fashion when they held their court presentation and dinner dance at the Castine Center in Mandeville on Saturday evening. The banner for the festivities was “Theme Park Adventures.”

Mrs. Stephanie Leimkuhler reigned as Queen Eve XXIX and King Adam XXIX was Mr. Joseph M. Leimkuhler.

The queen entered in a gown of gold brocade petal points with a bodice and length of crepe satin. It was embellished with gold appliques, crystal teardrop stones and brilliant Austrian rhinestones. Her collar with white ostrich plumes, with clusters of purple, green and gold plumes, surrounded a gold and silver crown and golden fleur-de-lis, which was studded with amethyst, emerald and topaz stones. Crystal teardrops, mirrors and Austrian rhinestones gave brilliance to her ensemble. White boas trailed her collar and mantle. Completing the queen’s royal raiment were a rhinestone and Swarovski crystal crown and scepter.

The king wore white tails and a gold cape accented with appliques of Austrian crystals, rhinestones and mirrors, trimmed in ermine. His crown and scepter completed his royal raiment.

Maids to her majesty carried out the title through their costumes.

Mrs. Ginny Skaer, representing Dollywood, was attired in a fuchsia velvet gown with gold butterflies, trimmed with gold sequined braiding. Her collar, headpiece and mantle, featured butterflies and musical instruments, were surrounded by fuchsia and yellow ostrich plumes, spotted with black coq feathers. Fuchsia boas trailed her collar and mantle. Her royal duke, Mr. Matthew R. Skaer, wore a tuxedo with a gold lamé cape.

Mrs. Judith Reese, representing Animal Kingdom, was attired in a orange velvet gown with sequined appliques of giraffes, tigers and zebras. Savannah grass completed her ensemble. The collar, headpiece and mantle featured colorful animals surrounded by orange ostrich plumes, entwined with emerald boa feathers. Orange boas trailed her collar and mantle. Her royal duke was Mr. Robert C. Reese Jr.

Mrs. Tiffany Cleland, represented City Park/Storyland, and was attired in a royal purple velvet gown with golden appliques spotted with sapphires. The collar, headpiece and mantle featuring the carousel and amusement rides were surrounded with fuchsia and lavender ostrich plumes. Royal purple boas trailed her collar and mantle. Mr. Ernest U. Cleland was her royal duke.

Ms. Erin Culver, representing Typhoon Lagoon, was attired in a powder blue velvet gown with golden floral appliques studded with rubies and sapphires. Sparkling royal blue lamé ruffles trimmed her hemline. The collar, headpiece and mantle featuring an adventure water park with slide were surrounded by blue ostrich plumes, spotted with royal blue coq feathers. The collar and mantle were accented with powder blue boas. Mr. Andoni P. Vossos was her royal duke.

The captain entered in an aquamarine gown. The bodice was encrusted with emerald-cut and pear-shaped aurora borealis crystals. The gown, with a sterling silver overlay, cascaded into a reflective pool at the hemline.

Shadowing the captain were Misses Emily Grace Florio, her granddaughter, and Ella O’Neal Frentz, granddaughter of Dennis and Judy Frentz. They wore silver silk organza with silver and aurora borealis crystals. Dressed in traditional formal attire was Master Greyson David Kenney, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Frentz.

Junior maids were Misses Breanne Catherine Bizette, goddaughter of Megan Boesch; Lenora Susan Davis, daughter of Norman and Genny Davis Sr.; Tobie Madison Fisher, daughter of Albin and Brandi Fisher III, and granddaughter of Albin and Barbara C. Fisher; Annie Hope Noel, daughter of Jim and Missie Noel; and Hannah Elizabeth Toombs, goddaughter of Matthew and Stacy Chreene.

Pages to her royal majesty were Misses Madison Nicole Clakeley, granddaughter of Robert C. and Judity Reese Jr.; Kylee Nicole Corales, daughter of Jeff and Wendi Corales; Ruthie Catherine Fowler and Kaitlyn Ruth Sawyer, granddaughters of the monarchs.

Pages to his royal majesty were Masters Chase Ashton Devenbecker, son of Mr. Billy Devenbecker and Ms. Cory Devenbecker; and Edward Benedict Dezensorf, grandson of Ms. Shirley Deluzain.

The officers of the krewe wore free-flowing pant suits trimmed with silver and aurora borealis braiding, studded with Austrian rhinestones. Feathered masks with Swarovski crystals completed their ensemble.

Presented as grand marshal was Ms. Kathy Foley.

Fontainebleau High School ROTC presented the colors and the national anthem was sung by Ms. Bethany Putman.

A dinner and dancing to Vieux Carre followed the presentation.