The Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel was the setting on Saturday evening for the Krewe of Pygmalion bal masque which celebrated under the theme “Pygmalion Presents the Spectrum of Emotion.”

Reigning as Queen Pygmalion XVI was Miss Jessica Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Thomas Ray Lewis and Pattie Broussard Lewis. Her majesty was attired in a gown fashioned of silver dupioni silk with an overlay of brocade lace. The entire gown was embellished with large rhinestones, appliques and bugle beads. Her elaborate shoulderpiece was adorned with rhinestones, appliques and white fantasia plumes. A crown and scepter featuring the krewe’s insignia completed her royal attire.

King Pygmalion XVI, Mr. Richard Christoffer Geraci, wore a tunic costume of silver dupioni silk with brocade lace at the sleeves and cuffs. The entire costume was adorned with large rhinestones and appliques. His shoulder piece, crown and scepter stylistically echoed of the queen’s accoutrements.

Maids of the royal court were Misses Gabrielle Elise Broussard, daughter of Mrs. Pamela Broussard Selvage; Elizabeth Ashley Lauren Sander, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sander; Sherri Lynn Howard, stepdaughter and daughter of Mr. Roland and Mrs. Donna Hebert; and Mrs. Paula Broussard Gebhart.

Escorts to the maids were Messrs. Gage Hood, Sander, Cory Keltner and Jase Broussard.

The maids of the royal court were costumed to carry out the evening’s theme. Each maid’s costume featured an elaborate three-dimensional shoulder piece. Miss Broussard, in purple and lavender, represented the “Wonder of Harold’s Purple Crayon.” Miss Sander, as “The Shadowy Seduction of the Black Swan,” wore a gown and collar of black, silver and teal. Miss Howard, who portrayed “The Scarlet Love of Romeo and Juliet,” was attired in bright yellow and red. Mrs. Gebhart was adorned in black and gold, portraying “The Brazen Greed of Ebenezer Scrooge.”

The captain made a dynamic entrance into the ballroom in traditional Mardi Gras fashion. He wore a tunic of silver dupioni silk. His entire costume was adorned with rhinestones and appliques. His floor-length cape featured a stand-up collar and the traditional Pygmalion insignia as the central motif. A traditional rhinestone dome headpiece and the captain’s baton completed his attire.

Linking the generations of Carnival traditions, the co-captain, Jack J. Rizzuto, made his entrance. He wore a costume matching in color and design to that of the captain.

Princesses to her majesty were Misses Lilly Elizabeth Lott, daughter of Mrs. Betsy Lott; and Terryn Denise Selvage, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Selvage.

The officers of the krewe were presented in purple, green and gold costumes trimmed in rhinestones and appliques.

The Pygmalion float lieutenants were introduced and showered the audience with beads and other throws.

The evening began with the presentation of the colors by the West Jefferson High School Color Guard and the singing of the national anthem by Mr. Christopher Workmon.

Many of the past kings and queens of the krewe were also presented to the audience.

After the tableau, members and their guests enjoyed a lavish dinner and were entertained by the music of the Wise Guys and the Top Cats.

General chairman of the ball was Mr. Michael Haydel, assisted by vice chairman Mr. John Tessitore. Chairmen of the ball were Messrs. Sam Scandaliato, Paul Leman, Leonard Kinler, Angelo Fiorella, John Beninate, Lionel Smith Sr., Lionel Smith Jr., Sterling “Keith” Larmeu, Robert Geraci, Jake Romano, Dr. David Mulnick and Dr. Jack Jacob.

Mr. Michael Rasch was the master of ceremonies.