The Krewe of Proteus, celebrating its 134th year, staged its bal masque at the Marriott New Orleans on Monday evening before Shrove Tuesday.

The ball followed the spectacular parade, the oldest nighttime Carnival procession in New Orleans.

Proteus, the ancient god with the ability to change his shape at will, and shepherd to Poseidon’s sea cattle, left his den earlier in the evening followed by his merry revelers and proceeded down the traditional Uptown route. The parade’s theme, “Nature of the Beasts,” was inspired by the famous “Dumb Society” Proteus theme of 1896.

Reigning over the evenings’ festivities as queen was Miss Elizabeth Ashland Hines, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hugh Hines.

The maids to her majesty were Misses Catherine Crawford Adams, daughter and stepdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Roland Adams III and stepdaughter and daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Edward Lowentritt; Sarah Kent Agnew, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank de la Houssaye Agnew; Ella de los Reyes Baus, daughter of Mr. Mort Walker Baus and Ms. Donna Weisler Baus; Patricia McCarthy Beron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edouard Beron; Glenny Ann Brown, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lafayette Brown III; Margaret Magee Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael James Brown; Grace Catherine Mallette Cary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Rives Cary III; Allie McCabe Crane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morrell Spencer Crane Jr.; Eleanor Brennan Davis, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Edward Davis III; Margaret Coco Ellis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Conner Ellis III; Caroline Grace Geary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Covert James Geary Jr.; Courtney Cooke Geary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Cooke Geary; Avery Campbell Hinrichs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turner Hinrichs; Katherine Renée Hodges, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Hodges Jr.; Charlotte Lane Langenstein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Langenstein III; Laura Elizabeth LeBlanc, daughter of Mr. Joseph Dwight LeBlanc III and Ms. Jill Traylor LeBlanc; Madeline Moret Livaudais, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marc Moret Livaudais; Regan Starnes Nelson, daughter of Mr. Robert Allan Nelson and Mrs. Susan Eby Brown; Karoline Havens Mallette Patrick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Patrick; Kelly Wright Swanson, daughter of Mr. James Richard Swanson and Ms. Marianne Rapier Swanson; Nicole Elizabeth Weinmann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. George Tucker Weinmann; Maia Margaret Weston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeWitt Weston; Leah Katherine Whann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert James Whann IV; and Catherine Turner Worley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruce Worley Jr.

The pages were Masters Frank Polk McIlhenny Dinkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hyatt Dinkins; and Luc Odem Carriere, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pierre Carriere IV.

After the queen and her court were presented to the guests, Proteus could be seen in his misty, undersea world. Assuming mortal form, he stood in front of a giant pink seashell surrounded by fishnet, treasure chests, giant sea horses, fish of every description, with Hippocampus flanking him on either side. These half-horse and half-fish creatures have become the royal scribes of Proteus. As the orchestra played “Over the Waves,” the monarch greeted his subjects as the waves splashed, the vortex of a giant whirlpool loomed increasingly larger and all the creatures of the sea swam happily about. Following the undersea tableau, the curtain parted to reveal his majesty Proteus, the captain, lieutenants, pages and many of the characters from the tableau.

The captain then stepped from the foot of the throne to escort the queen around the ballroom floor and presented her to a most pleased Proteus. After she took her place next to him on the throne, the maids were presented to their majesties.

The captain next presented Mrs. Patricia McCarroll Wynn, who gloriously reigned as the queen of Proteus 50 years ago. Proteus and his queen then led a grand march with the entire court around the ballroom to the cheers of the enthralled audience.

The general chairman of the ball was Mr. James J. Reiss Jr. Assisting as vice chairmen were Messrs. Alfred W. Brown III; G. Perry Eastman III; John M. Eastman; W. Conner Ellis; Michael K. Fitzpatrick; Vaughan O. Fitzpatrick; Hardy B. Fowler; Louis M. Freeman; Richard M. Freeman Jr.; William F. Grace Jr.; Charles E. Heidingsfelder; Thomas C. Jahncke; Michael W. Kearney; John E. Koerner III; John P. (Jack) Laborde; J. Peter Labouisse III; Jonathan C. McCall; C. James McCarthy; R. King Milling; D. Digges Morgan; Robert M. Monsted; Michael J. Rapier; Blair F. Scanlon Jr.; Charles W. Schmidt III; Patrick A. Talley Jr.; and Philip M. Woollam.