Fellini’s Café in Mid-City closes, but menu “merges” with a nearby eatery _lowres

Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty - Fellini's Cafe closed in February after 15 years in business.

The longtime pizza restaurant Fellini’s Café has closed, but some of its more popular dishes are still in rotation thanks to a “merger” of two nearby eateries.

Fellini’s had been in business for 15 years, operating from a thoroughly renovated former gas station at the corner of North Carrollton Avenue and Dumaine Street, near City Park. It was known for pizza and also some Middle Eastern dishes, with hummus, gyro and lavash rolls on its menu.

Owners Marc and Azita Clark closed the restaurant in February. However, they also announced plans to incorporate some of Fellini’s menu into their other restaurant, Nonna Mia, an Italian eatery on Esplanade Avenue, explaining the move as a merger of the two.

“We’re adding dishes gradually, and before too long we’ll have a special Fellini’s section of the menu for those dishes,” said Brian Baskind, general manager of Nonna Mia.

For instance, Fellini’s roasted lamb salad and lamb lavash roll are now on the Nonna Mia menu.

Nonna Mia, open since 2009, has its own menu of pizza, pasta and sandwiches and a large patio built around its cottage location.

The future of Fellini’s former Carrollton Avenue address is unclear, though the building appears to be under renovation.

Nonna Mia

3125 Esplanade Ave., 504-948-1717

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