The Sacred Tribal Grounds of the Mighty Chief Choctaw and his warriors was the setting in the grand ballroom and the auditorium of the Fredrick J. Sigur Center recently for the Krewe of Choctaw’s 32nd annual Big Pow Wow.

In a gala performance, the Mighty Chief presented his traditional tableau, filled with color and splendor for the krewe’s 80th anniversary. The theme for the Carnival celebration was “Through the Years: Choctaw’s 80th Anniversary.”

Miss Shae Michelle Favrot reigned as Princess Choctaw 2015. Fourth generation Choctaw royalty, she is the daughter of Mr. Charles M. Favrot Jr. and Ms. Stephany Klein Favrot.

Maids to her majesty were Misses Brianna Michele Bladsacker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bladsacker; Kayleigh Carpenter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carpenter; Kandace Hughes, daughter of Mrs. Kathleen Hughes; Nicole Ortego, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Ortego; Cassidy Plumer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Plumer; Savannah Sutherland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Scott Sutherland; Codi Vercher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vercher; and Caitlin Williamson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Williamson.

Papooses to the chief and his princess were Masters Noah Bates, son of Mrs. Ashley Bourgeois; Cooper Gornet, son of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Gornet; Ernest Mabes IV, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mabes; Jon and Jude Ruppert, sons of Mr. and Mrs. John Ruppert; Ethan Wade, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Wade; and Misses Landyn Bush, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Bush; Hailey Gatewood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gatewood; Kaitlyn Janis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Janis; Morgan Nolan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nolan; Kali Pellegrin, daughter of Mr. Jace Pellegrin and Ms. Christi Oleski; Madelynn Roper, daughter of Ms. Robin Roper; and Janel Ruppert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ruppert.

Indian maidens to her majesty were Misses Sophia Gornet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gornet; and Cierra Bradberry, daughter of Ms. Oleski.

Indian braves to the chief and guardians of the Great Tribal Tee Pee were Masters Mason Meeks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Meeks; and Zachary Bladsacker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bladsacker.

Portraying the all-knowing, all-seeing Choctaw Medicine Man was Mr. Frank Ruiz.

The royal regalia of both the chief and princess were fashioned of imported white silk, accented with purple, green and gold rhinestone braid. The entire ensemble was trimmed with imported Austrian rhinestone and sequin appliques.

They wore traditional Indian headdresses to match their tunic and dress, in coordinating colors.

The maids represented past Choctaw princesses and past Choctaw themes from eight decades of Carnival with great color and splendor.

The captain of the krewe wore an elaborate tunic made of imported red velvet, accented with silver sequin and rhinestone braid and imported Russian rhinestone applique, trimmed in silver. He wore a traditional Indian headdress to match the tunic.

The Godfrey Boudreaux Memorial Award for outstanding service and dedication was presented to Mrs. Toni Plumer.

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Chicken on the Bone.

The Pow Wow coordinator was the captain. General chairmen were Messrs. Charles Turberville and Kim Ellingburg. Vice chairmen were Messrs. Charles D. Favrot, Matthew H. Heindel and Rody J. Landry. Court committee chairmen included Mrs. Plumer and Messrs. John A. Beninate II, Philip Fricano, Ken Pellegrin, Walter Sisung, Warren Serignet, Paul Leman, Frank Andara and David Frank.