The Krewe of Tucks last week presented the royals who would occupy the rarefied air atop Carnival’s only porcelain throne when the unpredictable and irreverent procession rolled through the streets to their after-parade celebration.

Details of the event and the festive after-party at which the royal court presided were sketchy at best. However, masked attendees were able to ferret out some amusing and slightly disturbing details.

This year’s parade, themed “Tucks in the ’Hood,” paid homage to the neighborhoods of New Orleans.

According to one Carnival cloak-and-daggerite, what transpired was recapped thusly:

“Such a sophomoric spectacle of scintillating scatological satire!

“Tucks riders and revelers packed the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott New Orleans, adorned in traditional Carnival finery — many dressed in hot pants, others dressed as hotdogs. The jubilee thrummed to the music of Five Finger Discount and to the libations poured at the various open bars stationed throughout the fete.

“At the appointed hour — 10:08 p.m. — the madcap monarchy entered the ballroom to the roar of an adoring coterie. So prevalent was the utterance ‘I need some more Crown’ that surely a more loyal band of royal subjects could not be found!

“The kangaroo court was announced by the brassy procession of the Landry-Cohen High School band.

“King Marc Frischhertz — the worthy heir of Tucks co-founder Lloyd Frischhertz — cut a dashing and regal figure in green tights, purple tunic and a gold lame diaper worthy of a United States senator. Again and again, the king drained his chalice while adoring throngs raised their own glasses to salute the reign of such a sober and serious monarch.

“Queen Anne Eckert was a vision in a hand-sewn purple gown with inlaid bands of gold and a tiara and plumed scepter handcrafted. Her royal consort — Billy Eckert — attended dutifully to every queenly whim.

“No royal flush would be complete without Tucks’ coterie of virtuous and incorruptible maidens, tastefully clad in the krewe’s traditional French maid gowns.”

Maids include Janet Brewster, Lisa Buell, Kathleen Buesing, Alexa Candelora, Sarah Chase, Marianne Cufone, Sarah Edwards, K.C. Flaker, Terri Foster, Rebekah Greer, Taylor Hellmers, Robbie Kressler, Connie Machado, Anne Montreuil, Kathleen Deen Parke, Amanda Petitfils, Vicki Petitfils, Polly Pickels, Karen Ribaul, Karen Schwabacher, Maranda Smith, Kate Speakes, Dawn Talbot, Rebecca Thomas, Jennifer Wycoff and Beth Zabel.

“If Carnival means ‘farewell to the flesh,’ revelers were treated with one last good look,” the observer said. The throngs cheered, “All hail King Marc! All hail Queen Anne! All hail Tucks!”