Delighting their guests, Les Femmes d’Orleans staged its seventh annual bal masque Saturday evening in the Mardi Gras Ballroom of the Landmark Hotel.

In a series of elaborate tableaux, the ladies of the krewe presented a Carnival pageant with the title, “Under the Sea”.

Reigning as queen of the festivities was Ms. Cela McPherson. Reigning as king was Mr. Glenn McPherson.

As queen of the ball, her majesty was attired in a gown of peau de soie accented with rhinestones and pearls. Imported white fantasia plumes formed the background of her English lace collar, which was richly trimmed in bugle beads and imported rhinestone appliqués, from which flowed into a mantle of gold cloth, trimmed in ermine. Her mantle featured the crest of Les Femmes d’Orleans as its central motif. A gold and rhinestone crown and a jeweled scepter completed her royal regalia.

His majesty wore a regal robe of gold cloth trimmed in ermine. His crown and scepter matched in design that of the queen.

The maids of the royal court were costumed to carry out the aquatic theme. Ms. Diane F. Labrador, representing “Treasures Under the Sea,” was costumed in a yellow evening gown with a gold collar displaying ships and lost cities. Ms. Jacqueline D. Delarosa, portraying “Dangers Under the Sea,” sported a Regency ball gown accented in gold with a collar ornamented with sharks, anglers and jellyfish. Ms. Faviola Garcia, personifying “Mysteries Under the Sea,” was costumed in a pink ball gown and her collar adorned with mermaids, “Nessy” and Neptune. Ms. Adele Marie Labrador, depicting “Life Under the Sea,” wore a ball frock of blue with a collar accented in gold, displaying coral and starfish.

Junior maids in her majesty’s court were Misses Sabrina Lynn Lafleur, daughter of Mr. Kevin Lafleur and Ms. Catherine Ratard; Grayce Susan Mores, stepdaughter of Mr. Wayne Donovan and daughter of Kristina Irvan Donovan; and Lorynn Coulon, daughter of Brandy Coulon and the late Brad Mabile Sr.

Lady-in-waiting to the queen was Miss Augusta Rhiannon Fryou, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Fryou.

Princesses to her majesty were Misses Rowan Yrle Fryou, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fryou; and Kelly Marie Laines, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hector David Laines.

Lords to his majesty were Masters Sebastien Ratard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paulin Ratard; and Brad Mabile, son of Ms. Coulon and the late Mr. Mabile.

Pages to his majesty were Masters Sabien Ratard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ratard; and Christopher Andrew Hassel, son of Mr. Drew Hassel and Ms. Jessica Wright;

General chairman of the ball was Mr. Louis C. Gaudet, with Ms. Kristina Donovan serving as the evening’s narrator.