From left, Patrick Hunter, Leslie Claverie, Keith Claverie and Natalie Boyd in 'Urinetown.'

Contributed photo by Edward Carter Simon

In the Tony Award-winning musical “Urinetown,” bathroom business is big business.

“Urinetown” kicks off the NOLA Project’s 2017-18 season, presented in collaboration with the University of New Orleans, running Sept. 29 to Oct. 14 at UNO’s Nims Theatre.

The 2001 musical comedy by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis imagines a dreary future where drought and water shortages have led to a corporate monopoly that requires citizens to pay up when nature calls, making bathrooms a place of both profit and privilege.

Director A.J. Allegra, artistic director of NOLA Project, describes the play as “Bertolt Brecht meets Mel Brooks,” blending unconventional theater styles, sharp political satire and, well, potty jokes.

“It’s a self-aware, very tongue-in-cheek musical,” said Allegra. “If you look past the toilet humor, it’s certainly an idealistic story about the poor common people rising up to overtake the greedy villain.”

The 20-person cast is led by Keith Claverie, Alex Martinez Wallace, Patrick Hunter, Leslie Claverie and Natalie Boyd.



WHEN: Sept. 29 to Oct. 14

WHERE: Nims Theatre

UNO Performing Arts Center

2000 Lakeshore Drive

TICKETS: $30-$35

INFO: NOLAProject.com