On the eve of New Year’s Eve’s Eve, deep in the recesses of the French Quarter, five men will meet and tell jokes.

Inside the nightclub One Eyed Jacks, beginning at 8 p.m. Monday, nationally known comedians Sean Patton, Kyle Kinane and Rory Scovel will headline. Chris Trew, founder of the comedy theater The New Movement, and comedian Rojo Perez will open.

The three headliners have all appeared on Comedy Central specials, late-night network talk shows and other programs.

The New Movement and the comedy festival Hell Yes Fest worked in tandem to bring them to the Crescent City, but Patton, Kinane and Scovel each have their own histories with the city, which also lured them back.

“(Patton) comes back one or two times a year, and we kind of have a tradition now where he comes in and does a show at the end of the year and usually brings some real fancy guests with him,” Trew said.

“Kyle Kinane and Rory Scovel also have both done Hell Yes Fest, so they’re all kind of part of the extended family. They’re familiar with New Orleans and The New Movement and Hell Yes Fest and all of our things. It’s kind of an extended family fancy person showcase.”

Patton is one of the major comedy success stories to come out of New Orleans (see clips at www.seanoliverpatton.com/video).

He got his start here, working at bars and open mics before today’s burgeoning local comedy circuit had taken root.

“He was here putting in work before the New Orleans comedy scene was anything to be excited about,” Trew said. “He comes back here all the time. His family still lives out here. The more successful Sean is, the more attention and positivity is given to New Orleans. It’s always nice when the hometown hero comes back and puts on a show because Sean is amazing.”

Kinane and Scovel are friends with the local hero and have decided to join in on the fun that comes with an ensemble show like this.

“(Scovel) hasn’t performed here that often,” Trew said. “So he’s a major reason why people should buy tickets to come see the show because his star is definitely rising in the comedy world.”

Kinane’s profile may loom larger in the comedy world, and he’s often considered the epitome of “the comedian’s comedian.”

“There are a lot of stand-up comedians who hold Kyle Kinane to a very high standard because (Kinane) has an effortless, ranty approach to stand-up, and he’s such a fun-loving guy who really loves performing in New Orleans,” Trew said.

The three comedians tour constantly, and typically separately, so Trew said an opportunity to see them together at one time is rare.

“It’s just unheard of to see a show with this much talent in a nonfestival setting,” he said. “You come see shows at Hell Yes Fest (and) there’s a very good chance you’ll see a show like this, but that’s unique to a festival setting.”

In terms of one-offs, this is an exciting happening for New Orleans. But Trew said there is more on deck as the New Movement and Hell Yes Fest continue to bring as many comedians to New Orleans as possible. Comedy fans should keep their eyes peeled, he said.

“It’s our big final show of the year and we always make a big deal of the last show of the year, and there are more shows like that to come in 2015 as a joint production from The New Movement and Hell Yes Fest,” Trew said. “People can look forward to guys like Rory Scoval and Kyle Kinane coming to New Orleans more often to do shows like this, and (we) are happy and proud and stoked to do what we can to bring them down.”