Bryan Batt

Bryan Batt has the title role in the Broadway comedy 'An Act of God' at Le Petit this May.

New Orleans native and Emmy Award winner Bryan Batt will take the stage at Le Petit Theatre in May, starring as the Almighty in David Javerbaum's hit comedy, "An Act of God."

According to the show's publicity, the play gives God a chance to straighten out some human interpretations of his word. Audience participation is encouraged.

"Accompanied by His angels Michael and Gabriel, God arrives on earth in his new corporeal form to set the record straight on His teachings and the meaning of the Bible," a press release said. "In a brisk 90 minutes, He revisits the Ten Commandments (of which he’s grown weary) and provides a new interpretation of his most Mosaic laws; he pontificates on evolution, sexuality, and taking his name in vain, while fielding questions from the audience."

The play runs May 11 to May 27 and costars Wendy Miklovic as Gabriel and Leon Contavesprie as Michael.

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