Written by Resident Playwright at Chicago Dramatis and three-time Jeff Award nominee Andrew Hinderaker, “Colossal” tells the story of Mike, a college football star left paralyzed by a catastrophic spinal injury. He also happens to be gay. Artfully coalescing the movements of football and modern dance, alternating from grace and violence, epic and intimate, “Colossal,” which has been produced all over the country, ultimately examines what it means to be a man.

On football, Hinderaker, a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, says, “It’s an extraordinarily brutal, violent game and, of course, a theatrical and thrilling one. We’ve tried to really capture both the beauty and the brutality of the sport in the show.”

Directed by Aimée Hayes. Featuring Tobias Forrest, Ross Britz, Leon Contavesprie, Jeffrey Gunshol, DC Paul, Zeb Hollins III, Kirk Jonathan, Joel Derby, Matthew Eli Judd, Matthew Rigdon, Brandon Williams, Paul Wimberly Jr. Josef Pons and Eli Timm.

Contains strong language and adult content. Recommended for ages 17 and older.