James Yeargain and Ashton Akridge share a scene in 'Oleanna' at the Valiant Theatre.


One of the city’s newest theater companies, the Mighty Lincoln Company, debuts this weekend with a production of David Mamet’s 1992 drama “Oleanna,” running Sept. 7-23 at the Valiant Theatre and Lounge.

The two-character play narrows in on a power struggle between a college professor (James Yeargain) and a female student (Ashton Akridge). Rife with accusations and insinuations, the drama hinges on issues of manipulation, deceitfulness, and sexual harassment.

John Neisler, director and co-founder of the Mighty Lincoln Company (along with wife Wendy, also a local theater artist), believes the 25-year-old play remains relevant for contemporary audiences.

“The struggle is over ‘what is the truth?’ and ‘what does the truth mean?’ and that’s very present in our cultural and political conversation right now,” said Neisler. “We have disputes about what the facts are. And even when we agree about the facts, we have wildly divergent opinions across the country about what that means. That’s what this play really deals with.”



WHEN: Sept. 7-23

WHERE: The Valiant Theatre and Lounge, 6621 St. Claude Ave.


INFO: www.ValiantTheatre.com