Twenty-six former queens of Osiris gathered Jan. 19 at Ralph’s on the Park for their annual luncheon before the ball. Queens at the luncheon included the 2017 queen, Cynthia Callaghan Nelson, and the 50-year queen, Florence Bush Lane. Attending were, seated from left, Elizabeth Boh, Ellie Hobson Rand, Virginia Burke White, Callie Nelson, Ann King Levert, Nickie Bush Lane, Susan Read Johnson and Jill Dalovisio Fitzpatrick; and, standing,  Maria Favor Argote, Lauren Reynolds Davis, Shelby Meckstroth, Allison Slatten, Mary Kay Kurzweg Pickral, Marigny Ernst, Kelsey Evans Rivera, Kathryn Brennan McLeod, Olivia Eustis Guider, Megan Beer Eustis, Carlin Conner, Carolyn Loria Pitalo, Kaelin Ochsner and Elizabeth Dabezies Goodyear. Not pictured are Betsy Ellis Clement, Marjorie Marquez Kelly, Charlotte Collins Meade and Allison Crutcher McAshan.