If it was a joke, we're still waiting for the punchline — and apparently some seasoning. 

Andrew Zimmern, host of the show Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel, posted an image from a crawfish boil Minnesota, referring to it as the state's "best kept secret." 

He went on to add the hashtags #bizarrefoods and #onlyinMN. 

Can't see the tweet? Click here. 

The tweet, understandably, sent Twitter followers into a tailspin, quickly reminding the celebrity chef where to find the best Louisiana crawfish.

They also pointed out the apparent lack of seasoning in the boil, which featured pale potatoes and corn. 

"If the corn and potatoes don’t have a red tint to them from the seasoning then you may as well just throw that all away. #cometosouthLouisiana," said one person. 

"Have you not heard of Louisiana???" asked another.

Zimmern's tweet recalls to mind other Cajun cooking flubs, such as The Disney Channel's bizarre Gumbo recipe and Food Magazine's "embarrassing" red beans and rice recipe