This year brought a shorter than usual Carnival season to New Orleans. That means the window for king cakes is narrowing. In fact, we are already almost halfway through it.

I’ve been packing them in as the season progresses. While I’m on the record for my respect and affection for the classic king cake, this year I’ve been devoting my personal king cake capacity to trying new twists on the idea.

The possibilities are endless. This week, I’m giving some highlights and we continue with limited-run alternative from a well-known king cake maker.

Gateau d’Or at Sucre

3025 Magazine St., 504-520-8311; 622 Conti St., 504-267-7098; 3301 Veterans Blvd., 504-834-2277

The flagship king cake from this stylish New Orleans dessert brand has iridescent frosting and airbrushed purple highlights with a style that chef and proprietor Tariq Hanna once described as "glam rock" king cake. 

Only by comparison could his gateau d’or seem subtle.

A seam of dark chocolate cream runs through the center, while a blend of caramel and milk chocolate glazes the top, with crunchy pearls of candied crispy rice gild the lily.

This is an alt option to Sucre's bestseller, and Hanna seems to enjoy building a little mystique around it, keeping the production run small and limiting its availability to a few weeks per Carnival season (they just hit the racks last week).

Get some: $29.50 whole cakes (shipping available for orders placed by Jan. 26, 2018).

Correction: this article has been updated to correct shipping deadline information.





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