This year brought a shorter than usual Carnival season to New Orleans. That means the window for king cakes is narrowing. In fact, we are already almost halfway through it.

I’ve been packing them in as the season progresses. While I’m on the record for my respect and affection for the classic king cake, this year I’ve been devoting my personal king cake capacity to trying new twists on the idea.

The possibilities are endless. This week, I’m giving some highlights and we continue with a glorious combination cake.

King Cake Milkshake at Frey Smoked Meat Co.

4141 Bienville St., 504-488-7427

Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty
The king cake milkshake at Frey Smoked Meat Co.

The kid was staring at me, and I didn’t blame him. He was having lunch with his parents and his wide eyes were locked on the king cake milkshake that I was eating all by myself at the next table.

This is a milkshake the size of a milk carton, trimmed with Carnival-color sugar sprinkles, whipped cream and a wedge of the distinctive king cake from Dong Phuong bakery. It had a big purple straw and a tiny plastic baby.

The ice cream had cinnamon and vanilla flavors, and between slurping the melting portion and running the spoon through the rest I alternately used the milkshake as a dip for the layered, cream cheese-frosted king cake slice.

The kid kept staring. I wanted to tell him “don’t worry, some day you’ll be middle-aged too and you can make great decisions just like this.”

But then I figured maybe his parents wouldn’t appreciate my coaching. Anyway, I had my hands full with my milkshake.

If you really want to be an adult about it, you can customized the milkshake with vodka or praline liqueur or whatever you like from the bar.

Get some: $10 per milkshake




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