• Transfers for June 17 to June 25


  • GERRIE COURT 312: $85,000, Anna M. T. Gerhold, Stefanie R. Bonvillain, Terry L. T. Hirsche, Lisa J. T. Nemrow and Cindy J. T. Firmin to Christopher J. Frederick.
  • JULIA DRIVE 149: $53,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Yvette M. Lopez.
  • SOUTH AVONDALE HOMES SUBDIVISION, LOT 34, SQUARE 14: $28,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Nuclear Properties LLC.


  • DISTRICT OF BARATARIA SUBDIVISION, LOT 714: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Henery J. Boudreaux to Chloe Parria.


  • WIEGAND DRIVE 681: $45,200, Federal National Mortgage Association to Thomas C. Delcambre.


  • CHERAMIE’S LANDING CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 7: $35,000, Donald McRae and Patricia McRae to Raphael J. Barron.
  • GRAND BEACH NO. 11 SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE 5: $29,000, Camille A. Morvant II and Dana C. Morvant to Cindy A. LeBlanc.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 1 1851, BOATHOUSE 2: $78,000, Grand Isle Marina Acquisitions LLC to Grand Poisson LLC.
  • OCEAN PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 6, 7, SQUARE L: $16,000, Curtis S. LeBlanc Jr. and Janice A. LeBlanc to Jeremy B. Phillips and Craig L. Phillips.


  • COLONY ROAD 8: $315,042, Serpac Investments LLC to Cez Properties LLC.
  • CREAGAN AVE. 151: donation, no value stated, Mildred A. C. Sanders to Cheramie Trust.
  • DOLHONDE ST. 516-18: $120,000, CDJ Rentals LLC to Mark A. Netterville.
  • E. MONTEREY COURT 928: $190,000, Mark K. Diamond and Nicole D. Diamond to Brandy M. Alexander.
  • FIELDING AVE. 526: $1,888, Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • FRANKLIN AVE. 1300: $25,000, David V. Stano to Richard Cotton & Sons Plumbing & Heating Inc.
  • GLADSTONE COURT 727: $80,000, Luly C. Cali and Malena C. Navarro to C&J RE Investors LLC.
  • GREN OAKS DRIVE 1821: donation, no value stated, Jonathan S. Lee to Jonathan S. Lee and Juana Lee.
  • HAMILTON ST. 519: $383,882, KLC Properties LLC to Leap of Faith Properties Inc.
  • JASON LANE 3317: $110,000, donation, Cindy P. N. Do to Franklin T. Nguyen.
  • MICHELLE COURT 712: $228,000, Luong V. Tran and Thuy T. Vo to Lisa A. S. Works.
  • OAKWOOD DRIVE 597: $114,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Fanny A. L. Torres.
  • PERRY ST. 615: $139,900, Brian D. Freeman to Lasie L. Badeaux.
  • SOUTHWOOD DRIVE 341: $224,000, Bryan Bissell to Corey J. Sylve and Monique R. Sylve.
  • SOUTHWOOD WEST SUBDIVISION, LOT 6, SQUARE J: $114,000, Nannette Groh to Dustin R. Whittle.
  • TAYLORBROOK DRIVE 617: $99,999, Karl D. DeCuir and Denise B. DeCuir to Barry Guillory Sr., Barbara B. Guillory and Nicole G. Epps.
  • THIRD ST. 101: donation, no value stated, Joseph C. Cole III to Cherry C. Gamble, Yvonne C. Boone and Tyra L. Cole.
  • W. NIAGARA CIRCLE 649: $162,000, Marc A. Farinas and Vicente Farinas to Jerralyn L. Davis.
  • WESTBANK EXPRESSWAY 714: $189,600, donation, Jamil S. Ahmad to Wael S. Ahmad.


  • ABERDEEN DRIVE 1144: $128,000, John W. Carthane and Sherry J. Carthane to Marlon Mazant.
  • DEERPARK DRIVE 4033: $75,000, Brittney C. Sharp, Cynthia J. Self and Brandon J. Chirlow to Kiem V. Pham and Thuy T. Nguyen.
  • KINGS GRANT EAST SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 8, SQUARE P: $500, Succession of Ina M. S. Danos to Stephen J. Danos Jr.
  • LAKE ONTARIO DRIVE 3601: $245,000, David V. Tran to Rafael Muradas and Chris Guerra.
  • LAPALCO COMMERCIAL PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 14, 15, SQUARE B: $100,000, Nina M. Kelly, Susan D. Bailey, George L. Bailey Credit Portion Trust, Enrique Carvajal and succession of Ahmad Manouchehri to CWB Investments Inc.
  • MACARTHUR AVE. 531: $52,667, Citimortgage Inc. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
  • MAX DRIVE 2924: $63,334, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • MAX DRIVE 2924: $56,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Nathaniel Cooper and Adrionne Cooper.
  • N. CHIPWOOD DRIVE 4032: $150,000, Troy Hamm and Anita D. Hamm to Wheeler R. Johnson Jr. and Victoria A. Johnson.
  • N. VILLAGE GREEN ST. 2270: $179,546, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • STALL DRIVE 2221: $70,000, Lonnie Kinchen Sr. to Huassin Ghanim.
  • SUTHERLAND PLACE 2149: $175,000, Fuad S. Hamed to Ibrahim S. Hamed.
  • TELESTAR ST. 2275: $170,000, Isaac P. Pappion to Cierra Y. Turner.
  • TURNBERRY LANE 1829: $354,905, Thorkil P. Strigel and Nancy T. Strigel to Michael Yokyongskul and Julia P. Trieu.
  • WOODMERE SOUTH SUBDIVISION, LOT 717, SQUARE Q: $113,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Damien Johnson and Jimeca Johnson.


  • COULON ST. 4818: $105,401, Maureen T. Guillot to Louisiana Land Trust.
  • FLEMING PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, LOTS H16A, H16B: $155,000, Rickey T. Matherne Jr. and Shannon A. Matherne to Paul R. Eschete Jr.
  • ROSE THORNE ROAD, LOT 41: donation, no value stated, Lacey E. Dodd and Gralin Encalade to Maria Encalade and Archie Encalade Jr.


  • ALLO AVE. 712: $40,000, Succession of Joey G. Guidry and Paula G. Guidry to Royce Goodson and Hallette Goodson.
  • ALPACA DRIVE 5405: $129,197, GMFS LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • AVENUE B 830: $35,000, Amparo B. Mason to Kent A. Wilkins and Luisa F. Mason.
  • BALD EAGLE PARK 4780: $206,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Israel D. Stovall.
  • CARDINAL DRIVE 2904: $125,000, Christopher E. Creath to Kenneth M. Chaisson and Mary A. Chaisson.
  • DELTA POINTE DRIVE 2600: $132,887, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • DELTA POINTE’ DRIVE 2624: $139,000, Chi V. Tran and Vy T. Tran to David J. Clark.
  • DEVEREAUX DRIVE 12: $335,000, Carol A. T. Fasullo, Paul J. Fasullo Jr. and Philip A. Fasullo to Elward P. Cortez and Christina R. Cortez.
  • DIANE DRIVE 1705: $117,000, Michael A. Muscarello and Marissa G. Muscarello to Devyn M. Ditcharo.
  • EVANS DRIVE 5209: donation, no value stated, Michael A. Rome and Lacy J. Rome to Ida Mae Gaudet Rome Bourgeios.
  • GAUDET DRIVE 1137: donation, no value stated, Mattie O. Schouest to Marian Schouest.
  • GLENWOOD DRIVE 1954: donation, no value stated, Nga T. Chu to Nghe T. Chu and Trang M. Chu.
  • GOLDEN HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOT 23, SQUARE 4: $110,000, Timothy P. Aucoin and Cindy B. Aucoin to Corey N. Choina and Amber A. Choina.

Misty Meadows Drive 2520: $134,000, Douglas B. Foret and Brandi L. L. Foret to Herbert Washington Jr. and Cherrelle M. Williams.

  • PAGE ST. 5048: $150,000, Troy N. Boudreaux to Trey M. Camardelle.
  • PAGE ST. 5204: $150,807, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • PELICAN BAY BLVD. 2612: $159,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Nadia N. Barthelemy.
  • PELICAN BAY BLVD. 2640: $159,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Shavon T. Russ.
  • RANCH ACRES SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE 17: $50,500, Bank of America NA to Rental Property Services LLC.
  • SEAGULL DRIVE 2653: $171,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Lance Lacoste and Lauren Lacaze.

Segnette Drive 5849: $41,100, LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Paul Eymard and Charlene Eymard.

St. Anthony St. 7516: $48,000, Paul J. Bourg, JoEllen B. Schouest, Jimmie B. Bourg Jr. and Emily A. B. Pichelop to Donna M. Bourg.

  • WATLING DRIVE 1713: $48,100, Bank of America NA to Rental Property Services LLC.
  • WILLOWDALE SUBDIVISION, LOT 208, SQUARE 15: no value stated, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


  • DOVER LANE 515: $108,000, David J. Guidry to Christopher R. Davis.
  • DUNBAR PLACE 536: $10 and other good and valuable consideratin, Earl R. Mullin and Cheryl B. Mullin to Earl Mullin and Cheryl Mullin Living Trust.
  • GUARDIAN AVE. 2168: $175,000, Alice T. Bourg, Kathie T. Martin and Frances T. Love to Michael D. Lillie and Brooke Perkins Lillie.


  • DAVENPORT ST. 21: $88,000, Gary A. Fourtunia Jr. to Connie F. Monnier.
  • DOLORES DRIVE 23: $45,000, Patricia B. Charrier to Tomasa G. Nacianceno.


  • AVENUE A 1227: donation, no value stated, Rose M. Ditta-Hendricks to Johnathon P. Hendricks.
  • AVENUE B 1222: donation, no value stated, Alma C. Billizson to Temetra Christian.
  • AVENUE G 871: $18,000, Succession of Thelma J. Duffourc to George J. Blanchard Jr.
  • IMOGENE ST. 38: $59,900, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jason N. Lee and Ruthann M. Lee.
  • MULLER PARKWAY 1071: $87,000, Onewest Bank NA to Wade Toups and Susan Toups.
  • PRIEST ST. 220, LUCILLE ST. 18: donation, no value stated, Michael A. Simmons to Davon O. Caine.
  • S. KELLY LANE 10161: $195,000, Sandra M. Landry and succession of Kirk P. Landry to Clayton J. Mccaslin.