District 1

Carondelet St. 339: $319,000, 339 Carondelet Holdings LLC to Angelle Marie Stromeyer Wolf and William Richard Wolf.

Palmyra St. 4133: $415,500, Nicholas Gianni Mainieri to Philip Kurt Von Maltzahn and Stephanie Lyn Slates Von Maltzahn.

S. Gayoso St. 426: $490,000, Daniel L. Nitschke and Edward L. Nickolaus Jr. to Samer Bakhos.

S. Murat St. 424: $90,000, Burnett Property Development LLC to Gulfcoast Allied 2 LLC.

District 2

Burgundy St. 935: $165,500, Diane Wigglesworth to Stuck On You La LLC.

Cadiz St. 515; First St. 729-731; Harmony St. 809-11; Iberville St. 4005-07; Iberville St. 4009-11; Reynes St. 2417-19; Tchoupitoulas St. 4535-37; Thalia St. 1014-16: no value stated, Denise Peytral France and Eric B. France to 4005 Iberville LLC, 4009 Iberville LLC, Casimir Properties LLC, Eric and Denise France Properties LLC and Zadok Properties LLC.

Charmes Court 4826: $126,000, Dao Van Nguye and Hanh Thi Nguye to  Andra Smith.

Conti St. 729-735: $1,265,000, Half James Properties LLC, J&R Rental Properties LLC, J&R Trust, James Lenard Cahn Trust, JLC Trust, MCW Trust, Michelle Cahn Wolfson Trust, Richard M. Cahn Trust and RMC Trust to Cajun Cuisine 1 LLC.

Dauphine St. 734-736: $270,000, Shelia Leblanc Rivet to Patty J. Shannon and William L. Shannon Jr.

French St. 900: $240,000, Helena Christine Aschafffenburg, Mark B. Gostl, Robert G. Gostl and Walter Gostl Jr. to G. Roth Properties LLC.

Ida Place 824-26: $679,000, Richard Z. Shedlock and Shelley R. Miller Shedlock to Elise Lofton Nester and Kyle Patrick Nester.

Milne Blvd. 5858: $230,000, Jonathan A. Biguenet to Devin R. Stewart.

N. Derbigny St. 916: $185,000, Kathleen B. Horn to Addison Tyler Suderman and Ryuta Iwashita Suderman.

St. Philip St. 2623-2625: $317,500, Derick A. Route Jr. and Mikesha Domengeaux Route to Sophie Catherine H. Reich and William E. Reich.

District 3

Bartholomew St. 818-820: $460,000, Morris Kirschman & Co. LLC to Lelaine A. Dornier.

Burgundy St. 1824: $159,000, Jeffrey S. Plocinski to Deanna Ferguson Claus and Robert C. Claus.

Chartres St. 3210: $100, 3210 Chartres Street Development LLC to David Fennelly.

Deauville Court 13111: $81,163, Williametta Hunt Washington to Bo T. Nguyen and Tai Tan Nguyen.

Demontluzin St. 4979: $194,500, and Also LLC to Lauren T. Smith.

Gallier St. 1315: $180,700, Kellie Anne Solliday to Madeleine R. Wieand and Mark C. Wieand.

Independence St. 1939-41: $60,100, Mccormick Properties LLC to Trina Cheri McCormick and Wayne Anthony McCormick.

Jonquil St. 2677: $50,000, Gulf South Equity Group LLC to World Td LLC.

Jonquil St. 2729-31; Jonquil St. 2731: $167,660, Glenn O. Stoudt and Katherine Pettinato Stoudt to Lourdes Y. Rincon Vienne.

Kentucky St. 1415-17: $55,000, Rjb Assets LLC to Flam Ryburn LLC.

Kim Drive 5169: donation, no value stated, Cuong Quoc Pham and Xuan Quoc Pham to Tai Tat Pham and Taylor Tran Pham.

Laharpe St. 2417: $210,000, Genevieve A. Neustadter to Our House Nola LLC.

Lotus St. 4043; Verbena 2701: donation, no value stated, Joseph Edwards to Gladys Chapman Edwards.

Mandeville St. 6330: $255,000, Mlm Renovations LLC to Austin Taylor.

Marigny St. 1207: $225,000, Sara E. Dean Laurimaa to Evan Zane Hammond.

Myrtle St. 2635½: $183,000, Sover Properties LLC to Emily Dohanos Tear and Karl N. Tear.

N. Johnson St. 1951-53: $40,000, Solomon Vereen to Marc J. Ballier.

N. Rampart St. 30100: $327,000, Mark R. Segreto and Victoria Runge Segreto to Francis Joseph Wiedemann.

N. Robertson St. 1480-1482: $320,000, JMODS LLC to Amelia Sams Whittington and Samuel Bartholomew Whittington.

N. Roman St. 2119-2121: $21,800, Gay Ficaro Leland and Henry Maurice Leland to GFH Priority Properties LLC.

Peltier Drive 14170-72: $90,500, Thong P. Nguyen and Tuyet T. Tran Nguyen to Diem Kiev Thi Do and Thong Van Do.

Piety St. 1124-26: no value stated, One24 LLC to Smith Investments III LLC.

Prentiss Ave. 11349: $128,000, Debra Morgan Smith to Shamira A. Walker.

Pressburg St. 1484: $130,000, Marcia Bent Henry to Angela Glaviano.

Reynes St. .1235: donation, no value stated, Bernice Jones, Byron Thomas, Chantelle Richardson, Clementine D. Brown, Earline Dyson and Natasha Thomas Prier to Ernestine Lecoq.

Schindler Drive 5001: donation, no value stated, Dan Thompson to Antique P. Gipson.

Spain St. 5907: no value stated, Anthony Melancon Jr. to Jason D. Carpentier and Rachel Benefiel Carpentier.

St. Claude Ave. 3111: $575,000, John Christopher Pilley to Robert Andersen and Yvonne Garrett Andersen.

St. Claude Court 16-18: $115,000, Calder Co. LLC to Anthony Pool and Paulette Pool.

St. Denis St. 1265: $35,000, Saiglann LLC to Wilsonle Investment LLC.

Stroelitz St. 9255-24: $150,000, Clark and Jones Investments LLC to Jeffery Clark Jr.

Trapier Ave. 7640: $64,000, Bianka H. Beardon Mitchell to Son Huu Tran.

Trapier Ave. 8015: $160,000, Property Quest LLC to Samer El Lahham.

Treasure St. 1926: donation, no value stated, Leonard R. Allen Sr. to Jacinta Castilla Allen.

Urquhart St. 6316: $36,000, Hadiyah Abdul Mateen, Louis F. Edmond Jr. and Tina Edmond Lyons to Catalina Reyna.

Windward Court 7921: $157,000, Albert Welch and Alberta James Welch to Shawn Johnson.

District 4

Danneel St. 2606-08; Tchoupitoulas St. 3809-9½ and 3811-13: no value stated, Eric B. France to Ecnarf Investment LLC.

First St. 1530: $1,630,000, John Douglas Pigott III and Rebekah Keith Pigott to, Elizabeth Ellen Chambers and Tod Richard Chambers.

Lasalle St. 2130-32; Rev. John Raphael Jr. Way 2130: $30,000, Central City Housing Development Corporation to Sienna Canyon Capital LLC.

Lasalle St. 2130; Lasalle St. 2132; Rev. John Raphael Jr Way 2130: $47,000, Sienna Canyon Capital LLC to Ct3 Properties LLC.

Philip St. 2020-22: $63,000, American Reit LLC to Patricia Andrade Borges Tiche.

Second St. 2021: $100,000, Beatrice Sherman Dixon to Erin Doherty, Jorge Luis Santiago and Susanna Rosehartati Santiago.

Seventh St. 900: $285,000, Katie Elaine Walsh Adams to Jake Christopher Boudreaux.

St. Thomas St. 3110: $364,900, St. Thomas 9 LLC to Gretchen Hemstreet Bailey and William Martin Bailey.

District 5

Belleville St. 823-25: $85,000, Ernest L. Cooper, Ronald L. Cooper and Troy D. Cooper to Sally Jean Hawk McKay and Uriel W. McKay Jr.

Berkley Drive 108: $165,000, Donna Wendling Darling, Maggie Lee Darling McCourt and Richard M. Darling Jr. to Jonathan D. Hartley.

Bodenger Blvd. 2109: $184,500, Michael A. Cassesi and Olivia Long Vest to Maria Pinheiro and Michael E. Dewey.

Copernicus St. 4931: $100,000, Patrick M. Brown and Zelda Lerille Brown to Darlene Spinello Crowther and Luke Crowther.

Park Timbers Drive 13: $235,000, Joann M. Giardina Gill to Tyrone Robbins Powell Jr.

Rue Parc Fontaine 3100: $15,000, Rose M. Demar to Janet Anderson Ingrassia and Peter Ingrassia Jr.

Verret St. 537-39: $275,000, Cayla Dixon Garcia and David Felix Garcia to Gayle Monroe Goodwin and James Comstock Goodwin.

District 6

Alonzo St. 330-332: $310,000, Janet Marie Troxclair Pritt to Shannon Jackson Moon and Sokho Moon.

Calhoun St. 3011-3015: $215,000, Sylvia Earline Mason to Robert W. Lynch.

Cohn St. 8624: $249,000, Cohn First Property LLC to Marie Celeste Amos Cammarata.

Constance St. 5252-54: $594,000, Doxum LLC to Chloe Frost Pullen and Eric Donald Pullen.

Delord St. 6207; Palmer Ave. 2602-2604: $445,000, 2604 Palmer LLC to Amanda Mantle Winstead and Nathaniel Scott Winstead.

Henry Clay Ave. 801: $135,000, Brenda Poff Grace and James Wesley Grace to John M. Azar.

Milan St. 1730: donation, no value stated, Byron Allen Hammer to Colleen P. Haggerty Hammer.

Soniat St. 2401: $425,000, SJHC LLC to Catherine Bollinger Kiracofe and Jason E. Kiracofe.

District 7

Fleur De Lis Drive 6508: $470,000, Roak Real Estate LLC to  Gretchen Richards and John Richards.

Maryland Drive 104: $530,000, Kerrigan Robin and Sarah Hughes Robin to Jane Wynne Beardsley and Jane Wynne Sewell.

Nelson St. 7938: $669,000, Martin D. Welch and Timothy H. Buckless to Kristine Kenyon and Randy J. Kenyon.

Short St. 3317-19: $225,000, Michel John Felton to Cora A. Jones.