• Transfers for JulY 2 to July 13
  • CAROLINE ST. 71154: $190,000, Roddis Stacy Wheeler and Melanie S. Wheeler to Helen Kuchta Grata.
  • KUSTENMACHER ROAD 72546: $115,000, Succession of Alen C. Mendel and succession of Levita M. Carpenter Fisher to Ashlee Brooke Hill Bellanger.
  • MONEY HILL PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, PHASE 5, LOT 286: $380,000, Louis P. Brazan Jr. and Wanda U. Brazan to Robert C. Herndon Jr.
  • ORCHARD ROW 171: $260,000, Herbert J. Gomez to Charles R. Winterberger and Amy T. Winterberger.
  • ORME ST. 21269: $168,000, Paul Jones to Morgan R. Menck.
  • PONCHITALAWA ESTATES LOTS 4, 5, 26, 27, 28: donation, no value stated, Bonny C. Lotz to Toni Cadow Hebert.


  • ALEXIUSVILLE SUBDIVISION, LOT 2-A, SQUARE 91: $150,400, DMM Construction LLC to Martin Development LLC.
  • ALLISON ROAD 80178: $135,000, Charles A. Schlesinger and Wendy E. Schlesinger to Kristie L. Hebert.
  • BEAU ARBRE COURT 154: $274,900, Michael A. Boles and Anna E. Blanchard to James R. Panks Jr.
  • BEAUREGARD PARKWAY 965: $583,500, J Hand Homes LLC to David A. Doherty and Shannon C. Doherty.
  • BOMOKA ROAD 17054: $637,000, Eric W. Carter and Susan T. Carter to Jeffrey D. Boone and Stacey S. Boone.
  • BRANCH CROSSING DRIVE 413: $203,000, Danette R. Condon and Steven T. Condon to Susan Samson.
  • CHANDLER DRIVE 20196: $177,900, CWE Enterprises LLC to Kelly P. Flanagan and Kelly C. Flanagan.
  • COPPERMAN COURT 1223: $290,000, Bret J. Jackson and Sherry T. Spurgeon to Karey J. Bowers Jr. and Marilyn Brunson Mince.
  • DARLINGTON ST. 1513: $299,000, Village Construction LLC to Diane G. Winston revocable living trust.
  • DEL SOL COURT 405: $301,230, DSLD Homes LLC to Howell Carter IV and Susan L. Carter.
  • DEL SOL PASS 617: $256,000, Montel M. Peterson and Chad A. Urbina to Keric H. Allen and Starlyn E. Allen.
  • DELTA QUEEN COURT 513: $669,894, Rockwell Builders LLC to Emily A. Trosclair and Carlton J. Trosclair.
  • DOMINIC DRIVE 1508: $228,000, Ben C. Moreau to Jerry Windsor.
  • EIGHTH ST. 70291: $145,000, BRM Properties LLC to Taylor Lott and Victoria Groves.
  • EIGHTH ST. 70293: $89,100, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to BRM Properties LLC.
  • ELVIN BUSH ROAD 75020: $40,000, Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2002-5 to Michael T. Cothern.
  • GREEN BRIAR DRIVE 4: $330,000, Cecile Airey Dinkins Ellis to Kevin D. Adams and Melissa A. Rushing Adams.
  • HERITAGE OAKS SUBDIVISION, LOT 1: $100,000, Carl J. Feigel and Beverly B. Feigel to Rockwell Builders LLC.
  • HIDDEN CREEK SUBDIVISION, LOT 8: $70,000, Hidden Creek LLC to Highland Homes of LaPlace Inc.
  • IOTA AVE. 74539: $138,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Kirk D. Evans Jr and Addie M. Evans.
  • IOTA AVE. 74545: $143,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Joshua D. Taylor.
  • KANAWHA COURT 101: $330,000, Muriel C. Thigpen to John P. Rosata and Elizabeth A. Rosata.
  • KNOLL PINE CIRCLE 301: $182,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Allan E. Hanson and Cheryl L. Hanson.
  • LAKE RAMSEY SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 33: $89,000, Jeanette G. Campbell to William N. Landry III and Kelo J. McKay.
  • LATICE DRIVE 75485: $465,000, Alfred P. Boudreaux Jr. and Linda G. Boudreaux to Barksdale Family Trust.
  • LAURELLEAF LANE 512: $155,000, Succession of Ocie Vila Giangrosso to JPAC1 LLC.
  • LAZY RIVER ESTATES, LOT 185: $20,000, Janet Theresa Middleton to Fern C. Acosta and Jennifer Acosta Reeb.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 40 18113: $42,000, Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Trust 2004-HE7 to Wesley J. LeBlanc.
  • MEMPHIS TRACE 337: $525,000, David A. Doherty and Shannon C. Doherty to Todd S. Brasuell and Dana DeMarco Brasuell.
  • N. CORNICHE DU LAC 432: $426,500, Martin H. Pousson and Linda J. Pousson to Jimmy L. Willoughby and Ulrich A. Starke.
  • NORTHPARK BLVD. 412: $283,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Traci Cougle.
  • PALM PLAZA SUBDIVISION, LOT 20-A, SQUARE 5: $10,000, Whitney Bank to Richard W. Sambola.
  • PENN MILL LAKES BLVD. 280: $200,000, John S. Schmidt to Gregory R. Vall and Lourdes E. Vall.
  • PENN MILL ROAD 73150: $203,000, Miguel L. Labrador to Daniel K. Skipper.
  • PHYLLIS DRIVE 603: $270,000, Sharon S. Sasser to Robert L. Carruth III and Sara D. Carruth.
  • QUEEN OF PEACE PARKWAY 610: $245,000, America Jean’s Queen of Peace LLC to Helen Leaumont Benson.
  • RIVER BEND ESTATES, LOT 21: $24,000, Christopher J. Chrisman to Jenkins Homes Inc.
  • RIVER FOREST SUBDIVISION, LOT 7, SQUARE 12: $52,000, Mitzi Ann Larocca to Patrick J. Giblin and Cynthia L. Giblin.
  • RIVERLAKE DRIVE 13526: $220,000, Benjamin R. Parker and Christina Coronato to James M. Smythwood and Beth Kastner Smythwood.
  • ROBINHOOD ROAD 211: $110,000, Onewest Bank NA to Bank of America NA.
  • S. CORNICHE DU LAC 725: $318,798, Conbeth Development LLC to Stephanie G. Dupepe.
  • S. CORNICHE DU LAC 738: $480,000, Melissa M. Elliott to Kenneth J. St. Romain and Joann St. Romain.
  • SECTION 1, TOWNSHIP 7 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $140,000, John P. Clement IV and Ashleyann Clement to David W. Gruning and Martha S. Gruning.
  • SECTION 7, TOWNSHIP 6 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Aaron C. Cortez.
  • SECTIONS 23, 24, 25, 26, TOWNSHIP 6 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $138,000, Citizens Bank & Trust Co. to Jacob J. Schexnayder and Aimee L. Schexnayder.

Shady View Lane 313: $396,000, Ellen Teresa Elko Watson to Christine Cook Ruffino.

  • SIXTH AVE. 69407: $210,000, Moise M. Dumas and Amanda Green Dumas to Sharon Zehner.
  • ST. ETIENNE ST. 676: $384,000, Kerry A. Chanson and Christy L. Chanson to Zedekiah B. Williamson and Chantel C. Williamson.
  • SUMMER DIVISION OF COVINGTON SUBDIVISION, LOT 6-A-2: $315,000, Donald D. Doussan Jr. and Jane A. Doussan to Benjamin W. Wilkerson and Kelly M. Wilkerson.
  • TALLOW CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1-G, LOT 210: $197,000, Shelly N. Deynoodt to Nadyne W. Bienert Trust.
  • TCHEFUNCTE DRIVE 186: $333,000, Kenneth W. Perry and Vivian T. Perry to Kyle R. Walters and Felica B. Walters.
  • TUNICA BEND 704: $550,000, Christopher M. Howell and Stephanie J. Howell to Kevin P. Landry and Carolyn D. Landry.
  • VINTAGE DRIVE 151: donation, no value stated, Jeanine Renee’ Taillac to Dean W. Taillac.
  • W. 16TH AVE. 1026: $275,000, Tri-Fitz LLC to Patrick K. Daigle II, Sarah F. Daigle, Dean J. Favret and Karin M. Favret.
  • WREN ROAD 2: $435,000, Stacia Shepherd to Stephen G. Manning and Brandee T. Manning.


  • ALBERT THOMPSON ROAD 81003: $325,000, Brandon B. Easley and Marieta Easley to Patrick H. Wainright Jr. and Cheryl Lynn Wainright.
  • KEENELAND PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 18: $170,000, Double D Ventures LLC to Shelly A. Kent.
  • MOCKINGBIRD HILL DRIVE 87062: $189,000, Succession of Vincent Joseph Gagliano and succession of Lois Ruth Bruce Gagliano to James D. Miller.
  • N. WILLIE ROAD 80073: $136,500, William F. Sayles and Melissa H. Sayles to Melissa Danna Robinson.
  • PARK LANE 70: $259,000, John A. Andersen and Connie S. Anderson to Edward R. Theodore and Carroll Theodore.
  • SECTION 20, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 10 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $22,500, Juanita F. Mizell to Willie R. Core and Andree A. Coulonge Core.
  • SECTION 35, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $26,500, Thomas M. Burns II, John W. Greene and Judy H. Greene to Craig D. Acain and Melissa K. Acain.


  • CERISE DRIVE 60391: $87,000, David J. Dragon and Joyce Powers Dragon to Laura V. Casanas.
  • FOREST GLEN SUBDIVISION, LOTS 29, 30, SQUARE 31: $17,500, Frank B. Wood Interests LLC, Debra Gaye Garrett Levis and Billie Lynn Garrett Semmes to Melvin J. Casnave.
  • FOREST GLEN SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $39,264, Michael J. Guma, Mary V. Guma and Alan J. Guma to Randolph C. Hovey.
  • GRACI AVE. 62276: $245,000, Cheryl B. Baham, Donna B. Rogers, Karen Binderwald Cresson, Kurt J. Binderwald, Eric J. Bindewald and Matthew J. Bindewald to Donald J. Newton and Courtney A. Newton.
  • KAY DRIVE 60398: $130,000, Reginald A. Sheppard and Venita G. Sheppard to Jeffrey M. Seamen.
  • OAKLAWN PARK BAYOU SITES SUBDIVISION, LOTS 18, 19, SQUARE 3: $212,000, Jack F. Alphonso Jr. to Elizabeth June Clark.
  • PINE ACRES ROAD 63027: $50,000, Joseph V. Gritter Jr. and Catherine H. Gritter to Glenn M. Semel Jr. and Shanna B. Semel.
  • SECTION 28, TOWNSHIP 8 SOUTH, RANGE 13 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, Jane Ellen Dick Perkins to Hannah R. Perkins Manint.


  • BEDICO CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1-A, LOT 120: $160,000, Bedico Creek Preserve LLC to Jesse R. Henry and Marissa D. Henry.
  • BEDICO CREEK SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $249,588, Bedico Creek Preserve LLC to Bedico Interests LLC.
  • BLACK RIVER ESTATES, PHASE 3, LOT 32: $72,500, Patrick W. McDougal and Patricia S. McDougal to Roger Cuevas III.
  • CHERYL ST. 39: donation, no value stated, Cheryl G. Blanc to Tyrone Blanc Jr.
  • COCONUT PALM DRIVE 329: $195,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Richard C. Calais and Geraldine M. Lamaison Calais.
  • CYPRESS CROSSING DRIVE 1024: $315,500, Hurley Homes LLC to Neil J. Rohlinger and Shannon F. Rohlinger.
  • DEER PARK DRIVE 1012: $252,850, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Priscilla M. Rickner.
  • ENGLISH OAK DRIVE 577: $251,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Christopher L. Herting and Tiffany A. Herting.
  • ENGLISH OAK DRIVE 580: $251,115, DSLD Homes LLC to Raymond K. Locicero Jr and Stacy Nunez Locicero.
  • FOX SPARROW LOOP 1021: $264,000, KPM Construction LLC to Katie Lynne Rodrigue.
  • HOUSE SPARROW DRIVE 5004: $249,000, KPM Construction LLC to Thomas J. Gerdes and Alana Gerdes.
  • LIVE OAK HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOT 4, SQUARE 8: $22,500, Leon G. Wilczynski and Elaine L. Silczynski to SMB Construction LLC.
  • LONGVIEW COURT 250: $389,900, BMI Construction LLC to Matthew S. Breen and Courtney O. Breen.
  • MADISONVILLE ON THE LAKE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 1, LOT 43: $56,000, Wende Beth Juncker to David E. Snelling and Danielle C. Snelling.
  • NATCHEZ TRACE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2-C, LOT 61: $149,000, P. Gremillion LLC to Rockwell Builders LLC.
  • PINE CREEK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2-A, 2-B: $952,378, Pine Creek Development LLC to DSLD Homes LLC.
  • PONTCHARTRAIN OAKS ESTATES, LOT 13: $120,000, Tchefuncte Investments LLC and Land Holding Co. LLC to Adam Paul Sanderson and Kathryn Beck Sanderson.
  • POST OAK LANDING SUBDIVISION, LOT 13: $337,500, Richard W. Kabrich and Katie P. Kabrich to Jess G. Whittington and Margaret H. Whittington.

S. Chenier Drive 400: $590,000, Michael T. Stewart and Linda K. Stewart to Wesley B. Vanderian and Shelby H. Vanderian.

Section 14, township 7 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $75,000, Todd A. Muscarello and Christal C. Muscarello to Ryan J. Stansbury and Shannon G. Stansbury.

Shady Oaks subdivision, phase 1, lot 37: $180,000, Susan F. Samson to Justin P. Richard.

Swift Fox Fun 413: $308,000, Deborah J. Hightower and succession of Joseph R. Hightower to Christopher J. Miller and Lesley M. Miller.

Swift Fox Run 312: $266,000, Eric P. Davis and Michelle E. Davis to Curtis B. Stephens and Kerri A. Stephens.

Taverny Court 69556: $199,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Steven E. Fava Jr. and Tracie C. Fava.

White Ash Loop 461: $412,000, Warshauer Construction Co. LLC to Aaron D. Williams and Megan B. Williams.

White Heron Drive 187: $164,000, Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to David A. Willman and Adele B. Willman.

  • WILLOW BEND DRIVE 116: $360,000, Eduardo E. Alfaro to Randy G. Tredinich and Donna N. Tredinich.


  • AMERICA ST. 1833: $135,000, Brian F. Fitzhenry to L.T.V. Properties LLC.
  • AUTUMN PACE 807: $280,000, Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. of Delhi to Michael Robert Maher.
  • BROWNING LOOP 566: $270,000, Manuel V. Castro and Maria A. Castro to Craig Daniel Alcon and Andrea F. Alcon.
  • BUTTONWILLOW COURT 502: $258,000, John Paul Haley Jr. and Amy Smith Haley to Herbert J. Gomez.
  • CHAPEL LOOP 270: $500,000, Christian Blake Harrison and Rebecca V. Harrison to Steven D. Bieber and Verna P. Bieber.
  • CHATEAU LOIRE CIRCLE 6007: $234,500, John D. Carter and Donna L. Carter to Alexander A. Shows and Jenny O. Shows.
  • CITY OF MANDEVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $53,000, Julie Perilloux Hebert Gatewood and Madeline Perilloux Mylnarski, to Double S. Properties LLC.
  • COLONY TRAIL 53: $356,000, Alesia J. Mahony to Robert G. Davis and Amber N. Davis.
  • DESTIN ST. 1841: $280,000, Affordable Homes & Land LLC to Bradley J. Wright and Kristen R. Wright.
  • DUPRE ST. 2086: $142,000, Bonnie Jean Wise to Robin Douglas Rideau and Natalie Noelle Rideau.
  • EMERALD PINES COURT 177: $130,000, Ricky J. Zimmer and Amy Mathews to Dorothy Zimmer Collins.
  • FONTAINBLEAU DRIVE 132: $457,000, Michael C. Smith and Patricia N. Smith to Barry Allen Kusnick and Barbara Sens Kusnick.
  • FOUNTAINS PARK BLVD. 295: $147,000, George W. Stoulig Jr. and Julie G. Stoulig to Sandi T. Pechon.
  • FOY ST. 1316: $185,900, Affordable Homes & Land LLC to Jaime Spinosa Dileo.
  • GRANDE MAISON SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3-A, LOT 156: $367,428, Turnkey Homes LLC to Glenn A. Dumun.
  • HILL COURT 3012: $357,000, Casey Erica Clayton to Triton Holdings Two LLC.
  • HILL COURT 3054: $384,000, C&C Homebuilders Construction Inc. to Donald J. Bourgeois Jr. and Gina C. Bourgeois.
  • HUNTERS GLEN SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3-B, LOT 111: $355,000, Richard C. Rapson III and Lisa L. Rapson to Michael J. Breaux and Melanie Z. Breaux.
  • JACKSON ST. 1616: $360,000, Charles A. Billeaud and Desiree T. Billeaud to Robert J. Stenger and Francesca W. Stenger.
  • JULIETTE LANE 455: $72,000 and other good and valuable considerations, U. S. Bank NA to Patrick Daigle.
  • LABARRE ST. 1854: $155,000, Labarre Street LLC to Ray P. Hebert Sr. and Diann B. Hebert.
  • LABARRE ST. 557: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Sergio Stasi.
  • LABARRE ST. 623: donation, no value stated, Jason A. Parsons to Evangeline S. Pugliese Parsons.
  • LONESOME ROAD 2109: $305,000, Marchetta Properties Ltd. to Joshua K. Holliday and Chassity L. Holliday.
  • LUCIA LANE 330: $279,900, Keith M. Pyle to Jonathan K. Cabiness.
  • MANDEVILLE ANNEX SUBDIVISION, LOTS 1-10, SQUARE 14: donation, no value stated, Barry P. Mims and Alma F. Mims to Steve L. Kelly.
  • MARIGNY AVE. 1626: $189,900, Affordable Homes & Land LLC to Amina S. Gillard.
  • MARILYN DRIVE 580: $270,000, Larry W. Gleason and Joann L. Gleason to Jessica P. Blackwell.
  • MARINA BLVD. 340: $497,500, Adriana Rodica F. Nagy to William P. Mullen and Cynthia P. LeMoine.
  • MARQUETTE ST. 4570: $239,000, Sandi T. Pechon to Julian A. Landry and Katherine M. Laviolette Landry.
  • MILAN DRIVE 1173: $230,000, Robert J. Desselles and Karen B. Desselles to Andy P. Singer and Michelle S. Singer.
  • MIMOSA CIRCLE 202: $315,000, John E. Sincial Jr. and Rebecca M. Sencial to James R. Bigbie III and Jennifer M. Bigbie.
  • MOLITOR ST. 1258: $176,000, Stephen R. Meyer and Sharon F. Meyer to Alicia K. Beets.

Montaigne St. 67106: $225,000, donation, Alesia J. Mahony to Brecondan irrevocable inter vivos trust.

Montgomery St. 1450: $232,000, Chalon B. Carney to Bunnie L. Bothner.

Park Ave. 711: $150,000, Gina A. Liberto Favret to Brian J. Rhinehart and Margo D. Rhinehart.

Pecan Pass 93: $280,000, Barbara White Golden to Mark C. Garrison and Melissa Adams Garrison.

Prairie Court 2209: $269,900, Jamie N. Hattier to Chad M. Aiena and Rachel R. Aiena.

Ramon St. 512-14: $175,000, Stacey H. Matherne, Kristan Heymann Huber and Carol B. Huber to Noel C. Allen Jr.

Red Maple Drive 343: $409,900, Douglas Andrew Ashton and Lisa O. Ashton to Christian M. Braiwick and Heather Fields Braiwick.

Ridgewood Drive 520: $82,000, James M. Prentice Jr. and Glenna H. Prentice to Monte Mace Investments LLC.

Ridgewood Drive 520: $105,200, Monte Mace Investments LLC to Marcel C. Duhe and Dana F. Duhe.

Rue Pinckney 2371: $179,900, Anders A. Vedel and Nancy M. Vedel to Christopher G. Fuller.

Rue Toulander 2330: $154,185, Christopher T. Bellina to Louis A. Cannizzaro and Keriann P. Cannizzaro.

S. Ridge Drive 1302: $250,000, Christian M. Braiwick and Heather Fields Braiwick to Scott R. Greenhalgh and Megan C. Greenhalgh.

Sections 5, 6, township 8 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $81,000, Guste Island Mitigation Co. LLC to Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority East.

Tammany Beach Park subdivision, portion of ground: $526,744, Dale A. Stram and Janet H. Stram to Timothy P. Rice.

Town of Mandeville, lot 14, square 150: $107,393, Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West Inc. to Ashley M. Jordan.

Town of Mandeville, lot 15, square 150: $121,650, Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West Inc. to Lisa Maria Martin Casnave.

Town of Mandeville, lot 16, square 150: $116,324, Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West Inc. to Latoya M. Scott.

Town of Mandeville, lot 19, square 150: $140,876, Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West Inc. to Ronald S. Harris Jr. and Elizabethe G. Harris.

Town of Mandeville, lots 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, square 374-A: $54,000, William H. Johnson to J&J Builders Northshore Inc.

Trace Loop 152: $164,000, Lucas Vihon to Charles G. Treadway Jr. and Charles G. Treadway.

Tranquility Drive 72: $175,000, Crosby Development Co. LLC to Chad M. Ibieta and Jodi R. Ibieta.

W. Ruelie St. 126: $464,000, Craig A. Hewitt Jr. and Amanda M. Hewitt to Timothy Delaney and Charlene G. Delaney.

W. Ruelle Drive 126: $464,000, Craig A. Hewitt and Amanda M. Hewitt to Timothy Delaney and Charlene G. Delaney.

Winona Drive 904: $345,000, Normand Children Class Trust to Harold E. Fischer IV.

Woodside Drive 150: $166,500, Dorothy Sanchez Duke to Christina Russell Loyd.


  • BARNWOOD DRIVE 101: $230,000, John F. Shepherd and Georgia W. Shepherd to Ray Delaune, Tammy M. Delaune, Rayford B. Cloy and Antoinette D. Cloy.

Chris Kennedy subdivision, lot 11: $20,000, Ana A. Galloway to Rickey J. Soell and Leonda H. Soell.

Claude Polk Road 69497: $48,500, donation, Kaylene A. Creed to William P. Creed.

Jennifer Lane 413: donation, no value stated, Lois Toifel Evans to Guy M. Delhomme.

Johnston Road 64321: $175,000, Succession of Vincent Peter Brocato, Stephanie Ann Brocato Martinez and James M. Brocato to Christopher M. Kline and Tracy Nicole Ozarslan.

Louisiana Highway 41 74741: $69,000, Raymond J. Bing to Chris J. Charrier and Sharon K. Charrier.

Monticello Court 109: $236,000, Ryan D. Catoire and Kristi Anne Benoit Catoire to Scott Daniel McCoy and Kelly M. McCoy.

Richland Drive 64577: $224,900, James Edward Bennett and Alicia Mentel Bennett to Alan E. Roy.

Stallion Run 119: $28,450, Karen A. Daroca to Gary J. Gonzales.

Willis Alley 39492: $350,000, R. Zimmer Properties Inc. to Grace Fellowship of Slidell Inc.


  • ANTHONY DRIVE 119: $74,500, Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union to Camellia Services Inc.
  • AUDUBON DRIVE 276: $102,000, Tony L. Heggins and Jade B. Heggins to Kate M. Kelley.
  • BRECKENRIDGE DRIVE 1115: $212,000, Brian J. Salles and Sally D. Salles to Michael D. Bullis and Erin C. Bullis.
  • BRITTANY LANE 124: $159,035, Benjamin Michael Tharpe to Melissa P. Herbert.
  • CAMP ROAD 43649: $72,858, Madeline R. White to Louisiana Land Trust.
  • CAROLYN PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 22, SQUARE 13: $78,000, Stephen W. Forrest to Anthony A. Morris.
  • CHARLIE DRIVE 1012: $185,000, Kamie Mitchell Rodriguez to Shane Callison.
  • CHESS DRIVE 102: $108,500, Succession of Gordon Frederick Rayburn to Monica Giles Finch.
  • CHESTNUT COURT 1005: $254,000, James W. Setliff and Mary Kathryn Ewin Helmers to Kamie Mitchell Rodriguez.
  • CLAIBORNE ST. 57445: $134,900, Brett M. Schayot to Kayla N. Smith Campbell and Jody D. Campbell.
  • CLEARWATER DRIVE 6112: $185,000, Jason Lee Allmer and Christina R. Allmer to Brian L. Gooch and Rebekah B. Gooch.
  • CLIPPER DRIVE 1234: $40,000, Clarence Champagne and Joycelynn Champagne to Jesse Carlin III and Ramona C. Carlin.
  • COMMERCIAL COURT 38183: $650,000, Ultimate Construction Inc. to C Vue Tech LLC.
  • COUNTRY CLUB BLVD. 411: $160,000, Carolyn Diane Shamis Guth to Kelly Frances Guth.
  • CYPRESS LAKES DRIVE 278: $318,000, Aaron W. Blum and Nicole I. Blum to Patricia A. Berry.
  • CYPRESS LAKES OF OAK HARBOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 249: $62,000, Northshore Construction and Development LLC to Charles S. Jemison and Shawn L. Jemison.
  • DRURY LANE 137: $65,581, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Tanner Manor Flips LLC.
  • EDEN ISLES SUBDIVISION, UNIT 1, LOT 104: $88,000, James Edmon Cazalot Jr. and Teresa F. Cazalot to James Edmon Cazalot Jr. Professional Law Corp.
  • GOLDENWOOD DRIVE 256: $185,000, Joseph F. Foozer and Margaret Jean S. Foozer to Timothy J. Pillsbury.
  • HARBOR DRIVE 1640, UNIT 105: $83,500, Fidelity Bank to Philip J. Pier and Dovie L. Pier.
  • HEADWATERS DRIVE 2520: $136,000, Consuello C. Latham to Jason B. Loisel.
  • HEATHER DRIVE 133: $57,000, A&A Funding LLC to Michael S. Lyons and April S. Lyons.
  • HEATHER DRIVE 133: $57,000, A&A Funding LLC to Michael S. Lyons and April S. Lyons.
  • HILLARY DRIVE 1458: $116,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Albert R. Warner Jr.
  • HOLMES DRIVE 400: donation, no value stated, Larry J. Calabresi to Betty June Calabresi.
  • HUNTERS POINT ROAD 1557: $170,000, Christopher C. Kelley and Laura H. Kelley to Daniel J. Douglass and Cherie C. Douglass.
  • HUNTWYCK VILLAGE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 6, LOT 461: $156,000, Michael A. Provenzano to Kevinett Rivers Perrier.
  • JACQUELINE DRIVE 218: donation, no value stated, Estelle B. Chretien to Jeffrey W. Gatlin.
  • JEFFERSON AVE. 58124: $224,900, George A. May and Linda Perry May to James Dixon Sewell Jr.
  • KINGSPOINT SUBDIVISION, PHASE 8-B, LOT 442: $154,000, Kelli F. Hartmann to Daniel Arias and Jennifer N. Arias.
  • KINGSTON DRIVE 131: $180,000, Kevin T. Tranchina to David F. Bailie and Jeannie K. Bailie.
  • KRIS DRIVE 103: $158,000, Calvin S. Mullen Jr. and Linda E. Mullen to Stephen J. Paretti III and Christine K. Dick.
  • LA CHENIER SUBDIVISION, LOT 7-A: $242,900, Pebble LLC to Joseph S. Mangiapane.
  • LAWRENCE ST. 36545: $137,500, Regions Mortgage to Stephen M. Paretti and Jessica S. Paretti.
  • LEAF CIRCLE 104: $238,000, Patricia R. Giardina to Dennis J. Silbernagel Jr. and Amber A. Silbernagel.
  • MAGNOLIA ST. 562: $75,500, Amanda Spizale Picou to Martha Baker Caldwell.
  • MARINA DRIVE 1141: $120,000, Danny J. Hamiton to Faye E. DeGrutter.
  • MARINA DRIVE 1458: $225,000, Justin J. O’Brien to Matthew R. Roush and Katherine Davis Roush.
  • MCBETH COURT 1002: $1, Jason Samuel to Jason Samuel.
  • MELODY LANE 35369: $170,500, Luis Alberto Lopez to Nicholas R. Fishel.
  • MILLER ROAD 39343: $234,159, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • MONACO DRIVE 1547: $127,000, Deborah O. Jallans to Thomas E. Jones II.
  • MOONRAKER DRIVE 115: $259,900, Lauze J. Bergeron and Sheila Mae Gaudin Bergeron to Marion Luther Major Jr.
  • MOSSY OAKS DRIVE 110: $370,000, Catherine Z. McMichael to Charlotte Miller Elias.
  • N. HOLIDAY DRIVE 205: $147,400, Ronald Lee Backes to Melvin B. Backes Jr.
  • NAPOLEON AVE. 220: $122,900, HS Property Owner LLC to ARWL 2014-1 Trust.
  • NICKLAUS DRIVE 226: $280,000, Alton K. McRee to Albert O. McGill and Suzanne P. McGill.
  • NORTH FOREST SUBDIVISION, LOT 290: $61,758, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • NORTH SHORE BEACH SUBDIVISION, LOTS 22, 22-A: donation, no value stated, Peter A. Barbee to Jill Hayes Barbee.
  • NORTH SHORE BEACH SUBDIVISION, PHASE 4, LOT 150: $260,000, Janet Graef Wolsefer to Thomas A. Prude and Susan Boyer Prude.
  • OLD SPANISH TRAIL 1684: $250,000, Christopher J. Munch and Sheila G. Munch to Maverick Management Group LLC.
  • PALM LAKE ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOT 62, SQUARE 3: donation, no value stated, Adrian C. DeBoer to Francis C. DeBoer.
  • PALMS OF CLIPPER ESTATES, PHASE 3, LOT 20-B: $56,000, Anthony S. Taormina to Allison R. Trahan.
  • PARKWAY NORTH DRIVE 106: $39,000, Succession of August J. Wiefel and Linda Hymel Wiefel to Jeffrey P. Roe and Kellie C. Roe.
  • PEBBLE BEACH DRIVE 161: $220,000, Leo J. Deslatte, Connie Deslatte Lagasse, Peggy Deslatte Owens and Susan Deslatte Elliot to Gloria Wilson Peters.
  • PINE ST. 822: $42,000, Keith G. Porche Sr. to Christopher A. Donley and Melanie N. Donley.
  • PINEHURST SUBDIVISION, LOT 382: $152,000, Gloria Wilson Peters to Jermaine Washington.
  • PINEWOOD DRIVE 46: $203,000, Tanner Manor Flips LLC to Thomas Paul Williams and Kristi Dorr Williams.
  • PONTCHARTRAIN DRIVE 4800: $81,981, HSBC Bank USA NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • PONTCHARTRAIN DRIVE 4800: $44,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Randall E. Hayno.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CENTER SUBDIVISION, LOT 102: $375,000, Succession of Jeanne M. Reeves DDS and Michael J. Reeves Credit Shelter Trust to Pristas Properties LLC.
  • RIVER LANDING DRIVE 317: $77,250, Cross Gates LLC to James H. Macaluso and Jessica H. Macaluso.
  • RUE ESPLANADE 124: $277,000, Patrick C. Gill and Mary P. Gill to Chad J. Coulon Sr. and Aimee H. Coulon.
  • S. EIGHTH ST. 41052: $300,000, Michael D. Bilbo and Linda W. Bilbo to Thomas B. Sutton.
  • SECTION 34, TOWNSHIP 8 SOUTH, RANGE 14 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $15,000, Succession of Elijah Cooper to Thelma L. Thompson.

Seventh St. 1408: $208,000, Barrett M. McCreary and Lauryn F. McCreary to Virginia F. Brooks.

Sherwood Court 503: $175,000, Scott Daniel McCoy and Kelly M. McCoy to Joelsio Muller and AnaPaula DePaula Muller.

Sixth St. 1408: $208,000, Barrett M. McCreary and Lauryn Frank McCreary to Virginia F. Brooks.

Slidell Ozone Heights subdivision, lot 19, square 19: donation, no value stated, Leonard J. Abram and Dianne S. Abram to Michael Smith.

Spartan Drive 515, Unit 7207: $53,000, Alan Frank Tomsic and Janis Carol S. Tomsic to Herbert Roy Smalls.

Sterling Oaks Blvd. 1017: $205,000, Neil J. Rohlinger to Anthony J. Pigno and Barbara M. Pigno.

Sue Road 58287: $162,500, Bridget McBride to Michael J. Cipriano.

Tammy Drive 104: $217,000, Paul J. Frick and Vickie D. Frick to Jeffrey W. Lewis and Charlotte M. Lewis.

Waverly Drive 588: $370,000, Rodney Charles Rotolo and Deborah Gonzalez Rotolo to Tuan Hoang Nguyen.

Wellington Lane 2152: $167,000, Terrill Green and Neron North-Green to Jared Z. Bluford.

Wesley Lane 5616: $146,000, Gertrude R. Songy to Marcus D. Scott and Kelly L. Scott.

William Tell St. 3023: $100,000, Coleen M. Carroll to Larry A Whitmarsh and Zita M. Normand.


  • SECTION 34, TOWNSHIP 4 SOUTH, RANGE 13 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $18,000, Linda Ann Burch Taylor Cavanaugh to SMECO Concrete Pumping LLC.