• Transfers for Sept. 24 to Sept. 29


  • ARTHUR LANE 4904: $153,000, Ronna M. Steele to Donald R. Mullen.


  • BRIDGE CITY AVE. 2010: $50,000, Sterling P. Landry Jr. to Thomas Handy.


  • GRAND BEACH NO. 12 SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF LOTS 1, 2, SQUARE B-1: donation, no value stated, Christopher A. Ayo and Allison T. Ayo to Donald J. Ayo.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 1 3493: $147,500, Ronald W. Haggard and Mary M. Haggard to Stuart J. Lebas and Bobbye E. Lebas.
  • PAMELA BLVD. 7064: $88,000, Ron Ritter Jr. and Robin L. Ritter to Roger W. Bain and Jill M. Bain.
  • PEACH LANE 147: $124,000, Willow Arms Leasing and Investments to Star Theriot.


  • 20TH ST. 720: $15,000, Ishamel Jackson to 2226 Stafford LLC.
  • AMELIA ST. 623: $250,000, Jack T. Bateman to James A. Gaubert and Angela J. Gaubert.
  • FAIRLAWN DRIVE 665: $125,500, Michael B. McGee, Barbara S. McGee and Ocen McGee revocable living trust to Robert B. Stewart and Marilyn Stewart.
  • FOURTH ST. 605-07: $162,000, Ricky P. Bourg to Elizabeth V. Walker.
  • HAWKINS ST. 1042: $87,000, Lawrence E. Gonzales and Patricia D. Gonzales to Megan N. Dufrene.
  • OAK LANE 9: $155,000, Dustin W. Vinet to Russell S. Lloyd III and Jamie L. Lloyd.
  • OXFORD PLACE 2425, UNIT 136: $29,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Fredrick N. Smith III and Valoria Smith.
  • RUPP ST. 1005: $145,000, Gossell-Ledet LLC to Diana K. Cochrane.
  • RUPP ST. 1030: $60,000, Miriam J. P. Fitch to Ray Bergeron Jr.
  • WILLOW DRIVE 61: $78,000, Joseph F. Toomy to Travis J. Donnelly and Vita C. Donnelly.
  • WILLOWBROOK DRIVE 548: $60,000, Nichole M. Breaux to Donald J. Breaux.


  • BROWN AVE. 726: $45,000, Residential Funding Mortgage Securities I Inc. Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2007-92 to Harrison Investments LLC.
  • CHRISWOOD LANE 3896: $140,000, Ted Nguyen LLC to Brittany N. Bondy.
  • COLUMBO DRIVE 2157: $110,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sach Nguyen.
  • FIG ST. 2124: $50,000, Shirley A. N. Berg and Syvert A. Berg to Arpent Business Consultants LLC.
  • LAPALCO BLVD. 2209: $2,300,000, Mayfair Co. Inc. and Woodlee II LLC to Woodland Oaks LLC.
  • MAPLEWOOD PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 8, SQUARE 8: $104,495, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • N. HARPER DRIVE 2340: $120,000, John H. Tran and Jacqueline M. G. Huynh to Anh M. Le and Nho H. T. Bui.
  • PRIMWOOD DRIVE 3108: $140,000, C&J RE Investors LLC to Damian D. Williams Sr. and Patrice T. Patterson.
  • RED CYPRESS DRIVE 3913: $90,000, U. S. Bank NA to C&J RE Investors LLC.
  • SCOTSDALE SUBDIVISION, LOT 6, SQUARE E: donation, no value stated, Matthew Franklin to Don E. Franklin.
  • VILLAGE OF HARVEY SUBDIVISION, LOTS 13, 14, SQUARE 8: $5,200, Bryan O. Standridge and Margaret J. Standridge Estate to Gloria S. Bowman and Beverly S. Lege’.
  • W. FRIENDSHIP DRIVE 2712: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jorge M. L. Cosenza and Cinthia Lagos.
  • WOODMERE BLVD. 2524: donation, no value stated, Monica B. Pichon to Valerie A. Bergeron-Vedor.


  • ASCENSION COURT 2704: $282,500, JBL Properties Ltd. to Adam J. Guidry Jr. and Jessica L. Hebert.
  • AVENUE A 1335: $25,000, Arthur J. Matherne to CCL&C LLC.
  • BARTON DRIVE 2205, GARDEN ROAD 839: donation, no value stated, Paul J. Pieno to Loretta H. Pieno.
  • BAY VIEW DRIVE 4414: $159,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Chantelle L. Lewis.
  • BOURGEOIS LANE 4908: $30,348, Martin H. Radosta Jr. Estate to Steven M. Roark and Tammy S. Roark.
  • CADDY DRIVE 2109: $53,000, RAMP 2004-KR2 to Maria Rivera.
  • DELERY DRIVE 4049: $140,000, Pennymac Corp. to Claudia Smith.
  • DOLORES DRIVE 2549: $100 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Thi Tran.
  • E. PEARL DRIVE 2416: $155,000, Pamela R. Baye to Richard Tran and Lan To.
  • HIGHLAND MEADOWS SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE C: $122,735, Gary T. D’Aquin Jr. to Darren J. Simon.
  • LANCASTER DRIVE 1624: $74,600, Frederick Eugene Endom Trust to Noe E. Guzman.
  • MARRERO ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOT 2, SQUARE 5: $10 and other good and valuable cosiderations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Harold Chouest and Rose Chouest.
  • MISTY MEADOWS DRIVE 2509: $99,000, donation, Paul J. Pieno to Loretta H. Pieno.
  • MOUNT SHASTA LANE 5216: $34,900, LSF9 Master Participating Trust to Neptali Melgar.
  • PRITCHARD DRIVE 2901: $167,700, Issac E. Pabon and Elizabeth Pabon to Roy G. Jones.
  • RANDOLPH ST. 5521: $143,106, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • ROBINSON AVENUE SUBDIVISION, LOT 74: $6,000, Succession of Clifford J. Woods and succession of Betty M. Woods to Toshica Clofer-Smith.
  • ROCHESTER DRIVE 5048: $45,000, CWABS Inc. Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-26 to Carmen J. B. Jimenez.
  • SEGNETTE DRIVE 5833: $100 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bayou Investments of New Orleans LLC.
  • SPRIG DRIVE 2717: $200,000, Frank Richter and Stephanie C. Richter to Son D. Pham and Thu T. Nguyen Pham.
  • WESTMINISTER BLVD. 1527: $50,000, Marquee Acquistions LLC to Dwayne J. Eugene and Natasha H. Eugene.


  • TERRYTOWN NO. 8 SUBDIVISION, LOT 7, SQUARE 139: $35,000, Gulf States Investments Corp. to Behrman Highway LLC.


  • ADRIAN COURT 7: $149,900, C&J RE Investors LLC to Antonio F. Canto and Ruth S. Canto.


  • STILLWELL LANE 949: $1,676 and other good and valuable consideration, U. S. Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • WEST DRIVE 1416: $232,000, Jeramie R. Wright and Jaclyn L. Wright to Phuoc V. Le.