East Jefferson property transfers for Dec. 20 - 22 _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Jeffrey M. Whitney and Elizabeth M. B. Whitney sold this home at 1708 Colony Road in Metairie to Meghan M. Impastato for $232,000.


  • Transfers for Dec. 20 to Dec. 22

    • CITY OF HARAHAN, LOT A, SQUARE B-1: $174,500, Johnny A. Giavotella and Cindy P. Giavotella to Charles M. Wassamire.
    • OAK AVE. 520: $159,900, John Schillesci and Patti B. Schillesci to Valerie Falgout.

      • KAREN AVE. 4422: $185,000, Michael Giusti and Autumn C. Giusti to Keith M. Hammett Jr..
      • KENNER

        • CRESTVIEW OFFICE AND INDUSTRIAL PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 73-A, SQUARE 43: $57,300, Michael V. Pizzolato III to Top Fuel Properties LLC.

        Echezeaux Drive 20: $275,000, Robert J. Collins and Niela N. Collins to Shelita M. Russ.

        • GEORGIA AVENUE, LOT 11-A-1: $1,100,000, Snyder Asset Management LLC to Ryan Hall Properties of Louisiana LLC.
        • INDIANA AVE. 2613: $85,100, Cheryll F. Whitman and Harry P. Fitzner to Donald W. Henderson.
        • JASPER ST. 3101: donation, no value stated, Shirlene Wallace to Adam Washington Sr. and Wanda L. Brackens Washington.
        • MINDEN AVE. 1003: $52,000, MASTR Asset-Backed Securities Trust 2007-HE1 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series to Belinda K. Elliott.
        • W. LOUISIANA STATE DRIVE 217: $91,000, Mary A. D. Scott, Charles R. Laborde and Paula Marie L. Morgan to Barry J. Raziano.
        • WILLIAMS BLVD. 1708: $189,500, Kevin Marrone to Steven W. Rougeau.
        • METAIRIE

          • AIRLINE DRIVE 9015, 9021: $300,000, Patrice E. Barattini to Carlo DeMatteo LLC.
          • ANNETTE DRFIVE 3756: $199,000, Erik J. Soine and Rebecca D. Soine to Joy L. Allen.
          • BEVERLY GARDEN DRIVE 444: $317,000, David S. Quinn and Amy E. L. Quinn to Amy Lavis.
          • BROCKENBRAUGH COURT 945: $185,000, Dolores R. Gonzalez and Linda A. Gonzalez to John P. McGuire III and Minette M. McGuire.
          • COLONY ROAD 1708: $232,000, Jeffrey M. Whitney and Elizabeth M. B. Whitney to Meghan M. Impastato.

          Edmo Elms subdivision, lot 19: $150,000, Lee H. Hayman to Jared K. Ferguson and Julie C. Ferguson.

          • GREEN ACRES ROAD 2304: donation, no value stated, Dawn E. Storms to Dyonn K. Dahlke.
          • HENRY LANDRY AVE. 517: donation, no value stated, Christopher Klein to 517 Henry Landry Avenue LLC.
          • HOMESTEAD AVE. 1248: $279,000, Jamie M. Delivaudais to Ronald T. Thibodeaux Jr. and Lauren B. Thibodeaux.
          • JURGENS ST. 3516: $182,000, Lindsey F. Vindel to Jiaxiong Wu and Yan Chen Wu.
          • N. LAUREL ST. 400: $104,000, Soundview Home Loan Trust 2007-1 Asset-Backed Certificates Series to Adolph Grimes.

          N. Turnbull Drive 3812: $365,000, Bryan L. Grace and Elizabeth L. Grace to Christopher A. Cabibi and Jennifer M. Cabibi.

          • N. WOODLAWN AVE. 4101: donation, no value stated, Carlos O. Ayestas Jr. and Anna P. Ayestas to Carlos Ayestas III.
          • NEWLANDS ST. 4837: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jonathan M. Batiste.
          • NEYREY DRIVE 3410: $110,000, Independence Development LLC to Stanley R. Chatagner and Gilbert J. Watermeier.
          • NORTON ST. 4312: $125,000, Strategic Realty Fund LLC to Mark E. Baudean and Carmen R. Baudean.
          • ORPHEUM AVE. 1510: $226,000, Stanley R. Chatagnier and Charlene B. Chatagnier to Kailey L. Leboeuf.
          • PHARR ST. 3968: $175,000, Rodney L. Fitzpatrick and Juanita R. Fitzpatrick to Marcio S. Lima and Priscila S. Lima.
          • PHOSPHOR AVE. 1000: donation, no value stated, Paul R. M. Dunn and Janine D. Dunn to Dunn Children’s Trust.
          • PHOSPHOR AVE. 1000: donation, no value stated, Janine D. Dunn and Paul R. M. Dunn to Dunn Children’s Trust.
          • PONTCHARTRAIN GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOTS B-5, B-6, SQUARE 43: $1,500,000, Louie J. Roussel III to Benjamin S. Gravolet.

          Sonfield St. 4500: $124,000, Bank of New York Mellon to Citywide Holdings LLC.

          • TARTAN DRIVE 4917: $320,000, Rosalie S. Pietri, William D. Pietri Jr., Lisa P. Marcello and Michele P. Branigan to Matthew L. Valdes.
          • VETERANS BLVD. 3934: $900,000, 3934 Vets LLC to BSG 3934 LLC.
          • VETERANS BLVD. 6901, UNIT 63: donation, no value stated, Katie V. DiMaggio to Robert O. Venegas.
          • W. ESPLANADE AVE. SOUTH 3634, 3638: $102,729, Janice C. Bruner to Brian T. Carr.
          • W. ESPLANADE AVE. SOUTH 3634, 3638: $205,457, Judy C. Wischkaemper and Mary C. Domingue to Patrick E. Carr Jr..
          • W. WILLIAM DAVID PARKWAY 210: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Geralyn G. Provenzano to Joann G. Connell.
          • WABASH ST. 4813: $320,000, Joseph S. Zuppardo Jr. and Johanna C. Zuppardo to Michael J. Huguet and Kyra F. Huguet.
          • WARSAW ST. 8013: $25,000, John K. Key, Ronald C. Key, Joseph L. Key and Sharon K. Duvall to MLM Holdings LLC.
          • RIVER RIDGE

            • CUMBERLAND DRIVE 621: $94,000, Lirt 1 LLC to AJB Property Investments LLC.
            • JOEL AVE. 10008: donation, no value stated, Gail L. C. Stumpf to Joel Avenue Trust.
            • RURAL ST. 1015: $350,000, Patrick J. Rooney and Anita S. Rooney to Sharon L. Higgins.
            • VIRGINIA PARKWAY 155: $175,000, David J. Robert, Patrick J. Robert, Deborah R. Dyer, Robin M. Robert and Sidney M. Robert Jr. to Jeffrey D. Melle and Angela D. Melle.